Bhogwe Beach - Maharashtra, INDIA

Had read a blog post by a friend, reminiscing about her life in a quaint little place called Umbergaon... and was struck by the wonderful picture of the beach there. Now I am wondering… people say you get the best views of the sea in Goa or Kerala. I would like to present one of the most beautiful beaches that I have had the pleasure of visiting, and mind you, it's not anywhere in Goa or Kerala.

The place I am talking about is called Bhogwe beach. Bhogwe beach, about 29 kms. from Kudal and 36 kms. from Vengurla, is located on the western shores of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra. Endowed with foamy waves thundering onto the silvery white sand, this beach will surely free you from the shackles of stress and boredom. Village Bhogave has another attraction of the merging of the river named Karli with the sea. The beach offers a wonderful view of Karli river’s estuary, which mingles secretly with sea waters from behind Devbaug’s famous Mobara Point.

Road to Bhogwe from Village Parule


Nearest Railway Station: Kudal (30km)
Closest Village: Parule (6km)

Beach Ahoy!!!

Getting there:

By Road:
Kudal-Walaval-Parule-Bhogwe (30km)
Vengurla-Mhapan-Parule-Bhogwe - (34 Km)

Almost there...

Places to stay:

MTDC resort at Tarkarli or small resorts or homestays around the place (Parule, Achra, Malvan etc.)

The beach lures in tourists with its stunning white sand and a beautiful blue water lagoon. Flocks of local sea birds add to the beauty of serene surroundings. A hill in the back-drop offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, and a light house situated on a rocky island adds icing to the natural eye candy. Sunset is the time to watch nature at its best, expressing utmost beauty. This beach enjoys yet another magnetic characteristic - dolphins are often seen just off the shore. If you're interested, you could go visit the dolphins in their natural habitat, and enjoy any of the various dolphin rides early in the morning.

Stunning views of the beach...

Mmmm... Sunset... Bliss!!!

Bhogwe Beach is in the vicinity of Kille Nivati - The Nivati Fort and its adjacent beach, another un-spoilt beach amidst the greenery of plantations and the roaring sea with crystal clear waters. Exquisitely secluded on Exotic western shores of Sindhudurg, these two locations form a complete package for history lovers and nature-hungry tourists alike. There are a couple of resorts in this area. But still you can be assured that the beach will be clean... of kachra and the maddening crowds that are in abundance in all "Exotic Tourist Destinations"

Ohh… and do be careful when you walk on the sand… you’ll find a number of tiny little crabs scuttling here and there, darting in and out of the sand.

Bhogwe Beach may not be as famous as the beaches of Goa and Kerela, but it remains one of those rare "yet-untouched" beauties of Creation.

Article by Shrikant who blogs at Hedonist to the Core.

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Congratulations ! great find !will surely like to visit ! Rajiv Wagh - VP - MCA recreation centre- Mumbai

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