Career and Family: Why Choose?

Career or Family? It always comes down to a choice.

It’s not only the way things are presented to women, but also how women have started perceiving them.
When the choice comes to choice, why do we have to choose one? Why cannot we have both?

A woman in today’s world has been led to believe, or believes by herself, that it is a case of sacrificing one for the other. In her strive to be independent and successful, more often than not, she has let her family take a backseat, or, in the case of being entwined to her household duties, she has chosen to let her talents and abilities go to waste.

As a woman, I personally believe that however much we ask our men to share our responsibilities at home, there is a definite input that comes from a woman that holds the family together. Again, I also believe that occupation is really just “a man’s work”. A woman can be talented the same way a man has a knack for something, and her constraints of looking after a family should not be such that she can never express herself in what she is good at. She should take that chance of finding out for herself, her own footing outside of her family in the world.

But it is never an easy job looking after the two major interests in our lives at the same time. But, I believe, it is not impossible either.

The simple secret is to prioritize.

As a woman, one should refuse to choose either her career or family, if ever presented with the choice. When a woman can do both, she should take the liberty and do both. Managing the time and prioritizing as per the needs of her career and her family, a woman can be a career-woman and also a home-maker.

Looking after a family is also a career. Actually, here the success is more important and meaningful and far-reaching. Sacrificing the well-being of a family for the sake of a career is not a good choice to make. It is not about a comparison between what men do and hence women should follow suit, but what a woman should do because she alone does it best. Only a man pitching-in in the household work is not what makes a home. It still requires a woman’s touch, sensitivity and holding-together ability.

Many career-wise successful women I know are also successful homemakers. One of them happens to be an editor of this magazine.

In our quest for independence, we should never forget that we, the women are the nurturers and the care-givers. Women can multi-task enough to take care of both her wants and her family’s. It should never come down to being either-or. True happiness comes from doing both, equally well, in the long run.

So if it ever comes down to choosing, why choose one when you can really have both.

Article by Guria who blogs at Maverick Misfit.

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