Gmail new feature “Nested Labels”

Gmail has announced a new feature called “Nested Labels” which allows its users to organise their Labels in hierarchy like Folders & Sub Folders. This new feature is a welcome addition that will help reduce clutter in the Gmail interface for people who were used to Folders in other email accounts like Yahoo. Being the experimental Labs features, Nested labels are found in Labs, which can be accessed via Settings > Labs, then Enabling “Nested Labels,” and click “Save Changes” which is found at the bottom and top of the page.

"Labels are more flexible than folders because a given email can have several labels but can't be in several folders at the same time. A highly requested feature for labels, though, comes from the world of folders: the ability to organize labels hierarchically," Manu Cornet, software engineer at Google, explained.

Click “Manage Labels” to create a New Label or to edit and organise the structure of an existing one. Label hierarchy can be indicated using slashes in the name of the label. For example, let’s say you have a top-level label as “Web design,” and you want to add a sub-folder like label called “SEO” Just create another label named “Web design / SEO” which indicates that SEO is the sub folder of Web design. The Labels can be expanded and collapsed for more space in the Gmail interface. It is easy to identify If a particular Label contains unread message or not by checking if it is Bold or not.

Review by Shanmuharajan who blogs at TecheDOTS.

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