Have it, flaunt it!

Some days back I had an opportunity to be part of a birthday party of a teenage friend of my boys .As the night became younger, I saw more of slender waists, toned hip skin and cleavages, than I imagined being on those fourteen to seventeen year old.

The belly buttons flashed from between the too short tees and too low denims.

A group of boys and girls gave me a rare glimpse of ‘rear cleavages’ in all shapes and sizes as I walked around the open air party area. As I walked past a pretty little thing leaning on the shoulder of a smartly dressed dude, I noticed the well rounded backside exposed for all to view. I took the liberty of pointing out to her.

“I am sure you would not like someone to swipe a credit card between your butt cheeks” I whispered in her ears.

She looked up and giggled and for courtesy sake tried to pull down a top which was about to tear into shreds. Realizing it was not working, she gave up the exercise and went back to her sweet nothings. She didn’t seem embarrassed, or particularly bothered. It appeared that showing more flesh than desired was all a part of wearing the fashion and so it wasn’t a “big deal”.

I noticed that most of the girls either wore low waists or something between a handkerchief and a small towel wrapped around the waist. From no angle it resembled the skirt I knew.

In my times I wore a skirt seven inches above the knee and it was frowned upon by many for being too short. Today the trend has changed and a mini is just about seven inches below the waist, barely doing what it is supposed to do, or maybe doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

If someone dropped a thousand rupees in front of these fashion crazy babes, they would not be able to pick them up without loosing their dignity.

The aim is "If you got it flaunt it" That’s the "FTV inspired Gen X".

HUM hain naye, andaaz kyon ho purana?
The world of fashion in teens and pre teens is a bewildering place. Halters, spaghetti straps, backless dresses, tube tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, bare midriff outfits are ‘in’ these days.

The cleavage revealing Tops shrink wrap around their fleshy bodies complete with a strategically perched eagle, a butterfly or a heart along with a diamond or a silver ring dangling from the belly button. Wearing these clothes is funky, cool and trendy and an art in itself. The art of “How to or not to reveal more than you want to”.

The place was becoming unbearably HOT. I wondered if it was the global warming that was causing this or vice a versa. It was not just the girls but the boys too were wearing dangerously low waist denims which could drop at a slightest movement. I could count on fingers the ones wearing, Calvin Klein, jockey or Hanes under the precariously hanging denims. They were all the unsung trend setters. The companies ought to reward these youngsters for brand marketing.

One fashion tip which I learned was, whether low rise or high rise, leg hugging, stretch or baggy ,the denims are supposed to sit below the perfectly toned ‘love handles’. The party continued and the atmosphere became too hot to ‘handle’. I decided to slip away. Leaving them to their dazzling cleavage show. Rear as well as Front.

Article by Tikuli who blogs at Tikulicious.

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Nu on May 17, 2010 at 6:53 PM said...

That's hilarious,logical and nicely written :)

Samadrita on May 17, 2010 at 8:52 PM said...

A very nice piece of observation.Well since I belong to the same generation of youngsters that you're talking about I am quite familiar with these 'rising new trends'
Girls climbing aboard buses wearing spaghetti straps and hot pants and being lecherously ogled at by middle-aged men and other passengers.
Anyone might call me a prude but somehow all this makes me feel a tad uncomfortable.
I tend to think that some parts of my body are NOT for public display.

P.S:I thought only pubescent boys got their kicks outta watching F-Tv.

Anonymous said...

Here in UAE, as we all know that the place is supposed to be a Islamic country, still dubai is so open. I go thru all these shows everyday.. I know what you are talkin abt :)
And I agree with Samadrita and I don't understand how people get so comfortable with such a show..

Saurabh Panshikar on May 27, 2010 at 8:45 AM said...

I happen to live in a village. The so called "the less the better" sensation hasn't caught up here. Village belles still prefer to stick to Punjabi dresses.

But if by chance a city babe happens to come by for vacations et all, just seeing her in a pair of moderately short skirt will set tongues wagging...

I never knew boys do this low waist thing too... I once forgot to wear a belt, which made my jeans a "low waist". I was so uncomfortable, I spent all evening with one hand firmly in my pocket trying to pull if up whenever it was on the edge!

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