Imagine the rage, helplessness, hatred and pure anger brewing............

For the last few days, just like everybody else, i am also noticing this entire IPL controversy happening in the media. But i am totally uninterested about the financial, monetary and non-cricketing side of IPL. If you follow our media you will definitely notice how Indian media constantly focus on who makes how much money. Be it film stars, cricketers, politicians or businessmen.
Our richest businessmen are often treated by our media as if they are some kind of God descended from heaven onto our television sets. More wealth you have, more is your stature in the media. As if your wealth makes your words "pearls of wisdom" and "cleanse" your personality. Maybe this is the hallmark of neo-liberal capitalist systems and societies. Under this system , a person's worth is measured in terms of his "market value" which overrides all other considerations.

This constant "wealth and wealthy worship" by media is quite boring and disgusting.But there is one thing that deeply bothers me.Even though we have one of the world's largest middle classes in the world(about 300 million) but still India is a country with millions and millions of poor or semi-poor or almost poor people( rest of the 1.2 billion people).Immense poverty or semi-poverty exist among our masses who primarily live in villages, tier-2 and tier-3 cities and in urban slums.

So when these millions of poor people constantly hears ,reads(if he can) and thinks about how "some" people are making "millions and billions" of dollars, "hundreds and thousands" of crores constantly on TV, newspapers and radio what effect do you think, it has on the minds of these barely existing yet hard working people??
The way our media talks about hundreds and thousands of crores that it often seems as if money has no value and everybody can earn it if he has proper "connections" or born in priviledged families. Imagine the rage , helplessness , hatred and pure anger brewing in the minds of a huge section of our countrymen when they compare how they are barely surviving or having a "hand to mouth" existence but the "other" tiny section is making loads and loads of money and spending it like crazy at their expense. This rage will not remain latent for long. Sooner or later this will explode and bring all of us down.

Lastly, shamelessly flaunting and displaying wealth, constantly mentioning how some are making and spending millions of dollars on TV and newspapers in a poor country like India is not only deeply immoral but also grotesque.

Article by Indian Pundit who blogs at Live The Dream

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