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Social Networking Sites - they are the lethal-most blessings I have ever got in this hi-tech world. For me, it all started in 2006 with an Orkut invitation. A friend of mine SMSed me, saying that Orkut is a new social networking site, where there is a Sydenham College community.

We can all get in touch with our friends who are not present in the city or have lost all contacts with. We, Sydenhamites are way too sentimental about our college. (I am sure most of you would be) Hence, it is easy to convince us for anything in the name of Sydenham!

So there I was, alien on that site, but determined to find my friends there, so that I could simply re-live my college days all over again! It was not so difficult to get savvy on that site, as the functions were very simple to use. In a few days, I had found 100 odd friends, whom I had lost all hopes of ever finding again.

The friends' list increased with time, so did my routine of checking the site. Leaving a message became "scrapping", and there was also a whole new platform to upload and share photographs. Then came a time when we met friends, we clicked photographs to upload them on Orkut, we saw them and commented on them only on Orkut, and in no time, it became an addiction! Even over phone, we fought with friends for not replying to scraps!

After a few months, the Orkut team could not offer me anything new there, so I stopped spending time on it. The (s)craps became less, and the Facebook invites increased. The Orkut crowd shifted to Facebook, as Orkut was becoming less and less safe when it came to protecting one's profile. "Scrapping" was replaced by "writing on one's wall". "Status update" was a new feature added along with a few applications like games and various quizzes. Sometimes, we became Pirates, sometimes Dons, sometimes Zombies, Cooks, Farmers and what not! And we all were very proud of our status of being so.

Soon enough, the Blogworld came on Facebook too. A few of my blogger acquaintances became very good friends, while others merely stayed on the Facebook page created for my blog. And the latest trend is the Twitter Trend, where a "wall post" or a "scrap" is called a "Tweet", the subscribers are called "Tweeple", and freedom of speech is limited to 140 characters. But so far, this is the safest site for social networking, as it does not reveal either your profile or your real name or e-mail id. One can select his/her own login name and start tweeting. But here you can only update your status and reply to others within those 140 characters.

So that's my small virtual world, where I communicate with the known as well as the unknown. I have made few friends for life, and I can get in touch with my once-upon-a-time best friends. We plan and plot and do crazy things in here. We update our status messages and get various reactions to it from friends. The feeling of them still being around you, still listening to what you say is overwhelming. It is possible to have a family in this virtual world too, and I am proud to have one.

PS: For writing such a huge post on these sites, shouldn't they pay me for advertising? Anybody listening?

Article by Neha who blogs Neha's Blog.

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Lakshmi rajan on May 26, 2010 at 7:32 PM said...

Orkut says they refuse to pay since you are no more active there.

FB has kept the payment on hold since they are worried if you will quit FB just like you did with orkut.

Twitter? Well, they are still basking in the new found glory and things to make money out of their service , so till they make money they can't pay you :P

nice post btw, my journey too started with orkut impulsively one day and follows the similar lines ...

"Even over phone, we fought with friends for not replying to scraps!" - that was a cream of addiction :D

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