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Weddings – a happy affair for those who are getting married provided they are getting married to a person of their choice; happy affair for those too who just have to go and attend it and free food is bonus. But the suffering party is the one who has to go there so that they can be introduced to the parties looking for a guy or a girl as a marriage prospect.
I used to call these weddings Shadi ki Dukan. The moment I completed my college, mother started forcing me to accompany her to those weddings. Not that she succeed; but Patel Aunty ki bahen ke devrani ke ladke ka rishta and many more such rishtas always haunted me. Mother would keep telling me that so and so Aunty found the match for her daughter in this wedding; so and so guy is from the US of A (like I care); so and so is an engineer, doctor and what not. Naturally a mother would feel for her daughter; but the method never suited me. And I was already in a relationship with M then; just had to decide whether i wanted to marry him or not.

And those embarrassing moments where you don’t know what to do and what to say to those ladies who shamelessly ask your opinion about their sons. I was asked by three to four aunties whether I like their son or not. If not, then his cousin is there too. Oh my, what to answer them at that time? One of those aunties was my least favourite one. She introduced me to her son and told mother “your daughter is really sweet; tall, fair and thin; perfect for my son”. I rejected the guy the next minute and I became a skinny and pale looking girl with a short temper; not so compatible with her son.

I was lucky enough to have escaped the ordeal of seeing guys for marriage; but few of my friends are not so lucky. And the kind of weird questions they are asked and the conversations they have on their first meeting over a cup of coffee; I thank god for saving me from giving an interview for getting married. Few of those questions asked and statements made are:

1. What are your hobbies? – The cliched most and common most question. And the answer is even more cliched; for everyone likes reading, listening to music and travelling. A girl will add cooking too; with the hope that the guy will fall for this hobby. The following sentence is – SAME HERE. WE ARE SO MUCH ALIKE.

2. I do not smoke or drink. I did not have any girlfriend in the past. – Right!

3. We are not at all orthodox. My family is very modern. The hidden meaning behind this statement – You don’t have to wear sarees all your life except for the initial period of our marriage. Then Salwar kameez is perfectly ok. You can wear a long kurti over denims. But only when we are going out alone or we are out of town.

4. My mother only does the work. Read: the definition of mother doing the work is that she gives the order. You will just have to do the cooking, serving food and a little bit of work here and there after you come back from office by 6.

The list is quite long. But let me keep certain things to myself only. I do not want to scare those single girls who are yet to get married. But one last question a friend was asked by a guy on their first meeting which is so far the best one:

Article by Neha who blogs at Neha's Blog.

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Dr. Chandana Shekar on May 24, 2010 at 11:59 AM said...

hahah.. at the start of the post itself, i guessed it shud be u whose written this.. very typically ur style . nice one di :). u must have given those aunties a heart attack when u got married to M :).

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