A Dreamer Asks..

I let it take shape



ethereal dream

arising out of a smoky mist

an image

slowly defining itself

and me

a dream come true

basking in its glory

I wrapped myself

with a sense of perfect completion

A warm glow seeped through me

And then

my mind drifted to yet other dream

a dream that hadn't come true?

A dream that ended up

like a moth arrested in a cobweb

relentlessly flapping its wings

dying moment by moment


that dream which struggled to fly

in the vast voids of a lonesome heart,

knowing that its wings are clipped

and fell flat

broken , dejected

simply to rot

in dreamer's defeated heart

A bruised dream that lingered

in mind's dark corridors

haunting and gripping the dreamer


smoldering and plummeting her

in an unending

swirling whirlpool of agony

what happened to that dream eventually?

Did it get buried

deep into the relms of unknown

never to be seen again


did it rise from it's ashes

like a phoenix

and became a verse

that ached to say something,

but died a silent death

tormenting the dreamer's mind

each moment of

every waking hour

Article by Tikuli who blogs at Tikulicious.

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Maverick on June 25, 2010 at 8:48 AM said...

Luvd dis one....its dark in its innate nature and truly so...coz it personifies the stark reality that we face in life...da slow spiral of death that some of our most intimate dreams go through...

da flow is amazing, so is the vista painted with words!

nd da end was awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Maverick. Glad you liked it.

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