Dreams and subconscious Mind

In the previous article, we had given the structure of mind and also how the problems in our life are created by the mind, mainly due to lack of co-ordination between conscious and subconscious mind. We all are more or less aware of our conscious mind, but it’s the lack of awareness about the subconscious mind that prevents us from really understanding the problem and solving it.

Since the theme for this month is Dreams, let us understand how dreams can be effectively used to understand the subconscious mind and also to find solutions to our problems.

Using DREAMS to understand the subconscious mind:

We have dreams during our sleep state. Which means our conscious mind is more or less knocked out and we are operating out of the subconscious mind. Hence dreams can help us understand our subconscious mind very effectively.

Before we get to how, let us look at the two major problems that people have when it comes to dreams.

1. I can not see dreams!

Everyone has dreams, the problem is most of us can’t remember them and hence feel that we don’t see them. If you will like to remember your dreams simply do the following exercise:

a. Keep a diary and pen next to your bed.

b. Just before sleeping, take three deep breaths and focus on your breath.

c. Resume normal breathing and repeat to yourself 7 times that When I wake-up in the morning, I recall the dreams that I see in my sleep state.

d. After getting up in the morning, write your dream in the diary. Begin with the words “In my dreams I saw”. If you recall the dreams then simply write it down. If you don’t then add seven dots “…….” After the above words.

Do the above exercise every day. Within a period of around 7days most of the people are able to recall their dreams.

2. I recall the dreams but don’t understand them. In-fact most of them are vague & have no resemblance to my life problems.

This happens because the dreams are in the language of subconscious and we try to understand them through logic and analysis which are the language of the conscious mind. The end result we fail miserably at most times. Also most of us do not communicate with our subconscious mind and hence the dreams may really not be related to the problem that we are focusing on.

This problem can be resolved through the following process:

a. So once again keep the dream diary next to your bed.

b. Before sleeping focus on your breath and then tell your-self:

The issue that I am resolving is “DEFINE THE PROBLEM”

Then Say “During my sleep, I see the dreams that enable me to understand: why do I have this issue, what is it trying to teach me and how to resolve the same.

When I wake-up, I recall the dreams and understand them completely. And write them down in my dream diary.”

Once again do this for a period of seven days, begin with smaller problems, gain confidence in the process and then use it for bigger ones.

I have personally used this one a lot and the results have been brilliant to say the least. You may however find the need to customize the above given suggestions as per your needs and requirements.

Article by Nitin who blogs at Swayamsat

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kingkhan on June 22, 2010 at 11:53 AM said...

it's quite good dude... It might have worked for u... But in this bloody competitive world,who'll have the time to realise the dreams,maintaining a diary,murmuring something before goin to sleep....

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