As The World Passed By...

Dark clouds of joy, melting down to earth,
Drops or rain playing hide and seek.
I stood there in awe watching life at play,
As the moist, lazy breeze caressed my cheeks.

A few, wet souls came running in behind,
Screaming out at friends and laughing in joy,
The moment they jumped in they caught their breath,
And then they hung themselves out to savour the ride.

A few little children, with their parents sat,
And wondered why they couldn’t open their windows wide.
“It’s water after all”, they tried to reason but failed,
Perhaps wondering what goes on in these grown-up’s minds.
A couple of young boys, who wanted to be men,
Tried hard to reach the door to watch the rain.
But there were already a few men, who’d turned young boys there,
Who ushered them in, and pointed them to the window pane.

Rain was here, and love couldn’t be far behind,
A sweet, young couple sat cuddled near the door.
Her head sat nestled on his reassuring shoulders,
While they sat, talked and relished the downpour.

A beautiful young woman, was busy talking on her phone,
Talking about a wedding, and the bride’s beautiful clothes.
She clung to her friend who was taller than her,
And who held her tight as she swayed from pillar to post.

A tired, old policeman was returing from duty,
And he stood there and tried to catch up on his sleep.
While an elderly couple were thanking the two men,
who stood up at once to give the elderly, their seats.

At another corner somewhere, two gifted men sat,
And spoke in a language that their eyes could hear.
People stood around, watched them, and pitied,
But they talked in signs, unmindful of the commotion near.

I looked outside, as nature shone under a silver moon,
I watched a young man sitting alone in the pouring rain.
A cigarette on his lips, and probably nursing a broken heart,
He said no words, but his eyes conveyed his deep pain.

Like colours of a rainbow, or the many notes of music,
I saw a myriad hues of life brought out by rain that night.
As I stood there swaying with the rythm of the moving train,
Chugging along, watching in amazement, as the world passed by…

A poem by Sudhakar who blogs at Idli Vada Sambar

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Sree on July 16, 2010 at 9:12 PM said...

There is so much in the people, so much in reality, much in your poetry! Brilliant Sudhi! :)

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