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The politics of India has gone down over the years. There's no respect for politicians in front of the people. No one buys what the politicians of which ever party come up with. They are all people of the same pool. The entire political structure of our country is messed up and entry for right deserved people are blocked..barrier to new entrants is the board that is always there. Even the discipline in the House is unmanageable.

According to the report, the cost of per minute spent on parliament when in session is Rs 34,500. The cost of per hour goes to Rs 20. 7 lakh and the cost of the whole day goes to Rs 1.55 crore. There are so many disruptions and if one watches the parliament sessions one will definitely get irritated as watching on whom their money is being spent. The standard of questions in the question hour round has gone down all because of the kind of candidates the parties come up with. The Rajya Sabha tickets are given to people who have been loyal to the party and not that they deserve it.

We are called the next big thing to arrive on the international platform, but we are also a nation where the Central government is put to back foot or is blackmailed to the unethical demands of the allies. The multi party coalition is the culprit here. Its this multi party coalition system that had led to more corruption, regional based petty politics and most important making the central government weak. We are really a unique democracy where the performance of a national party is directly dependent in a regional party.

Take for example the railway ministry...something that seems to be a ministry for the small regional party who helps the national party to form the government. This is wrong as ministry should be given to those people who are capable of handling it. Its like a reward for helping to form the government.

We some regional parties that help more regionalism while some play the caste and communal politics. There are some politicians who consider themselves to be iconic which they are no way near...by making statues. The UP govt had spent 10,000 crore on statues and memorials.

India today needs political stability to send the right signal to the international community.A situation where allies within the ruling coalition continue elbowing the largest party in the Lok Sabha will not help India to be where it wants to be. The government should work with the opposition and vise versa. Its only here we see both on opposite ends no matter how serious the issue is.

Corrupt candidates should not be encouraged to contest elections as the law has to be strict and the party that gives them tickets should also be penalized.There are plenty of MP'S who have a long list of criminal cases. Election Commission should be entrusted with more powers so as to stop all the violations these political party do.

An article by Nazish Rahman who blogs at Nazish Rahman's Blog

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Dr. Chandana Shekar on August 18, 2010 at 1:22 AM said...

Ahh!!! Nazish!!!! dude, feels so good to see u on board :) do stay :) feels like i got an old friend to work with :) dont go into blog hibernation now!!

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