Five People you met in Heaven

A classic novel by Mitch.I picked this book just by its title. So it was a ‘buy on impulse’ book which became a ‘must read’ later. The book takes you through the concepts of the basic vicious circle-Birth-Life-Death. All that we do in our life and all those we come across in this journey is somewhere somehow connected to us. Of course we don’t realize this being here, right now. And we might never realize that ever. But, this book will tell you and give you some hints-which are presented in the form of a story-that you will know there are reasons for life and death. There is a purpose behind every breath that we are taking in.

The story is of 83 year old Eddie-who works at the amusement park as a maintenance guy. He dies in an accident at the park and reaches heaven. His entire life journey-the past and present is presented in a very creative manner. As he embarks on his journey to heaven, he meets 5 people, each of whom have been anxiously waiting for him. They give him 1 lesson each to understand the reason of his life and his death. These lessons are:

1. You live because someone else dies

2. Sacrifice is part of life

3. Love is forever-eternal-even after death

4. Life comes a full circle-everyone’s connected to each other-even strangers!

5. You only get MOKSHA when you wash away all your sins.

There are reasons given behind all these learning taking Eddie’s life as an example. How all his actions-when he was alive-affected other’s lives. We, as readers, are able to self-explore our lives through his life journey.

The thought that came to my mind when I finished this book was:

‘We all are small dots in the space of this universe. All these dots are joined at some point in time-by the power that we call fate- and the circle of life completes’

I felt pretty good after reading this book and I would surely tell you that if you haven’t touched this yet...please do! 

Review by Nu who blogs on books at Bond with Books.

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Dhiman on July 20, 2010 at 3:04 PM said...

a friend had recommended this book sometime back but did not get to read it.... I think I should do it now ....

Nu on August 6, 2010 at 10:06 AM said...

Dhiman I'm telling you must :)

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