First Rains

My special day of the year, a fossil watch and gift cheques at home, an evening with friends at our fav restaurant, a couple of expectations going totally dead, but some other suprise coming my way, quite some photo-time, a long drive on the highway with our fav music on.... things were going so my way...and then, for the big suprise gift... the pitter-patter of rain drops on the roof n glass of the car :-) :-) . "Hmm... rain!!!" , went all of us in almost chorus mode. All our window glasses went low, hands went reaching out to feel the rain, and smiles on all our faces stayed glued :-) . All we wanted to do was stop the car, go to the middle of the road, face the sky, close our eyes and reach out our hands for the rain :).

'First rains'... They are always magical. Magical is just the right word I feel. It makes you feel ... Great... Nice...The shift in the air coz of the smell of sand when it rains , is one of a kind. I don't think there is one single moron who wouldn't love that sniff. First rains always take you by suprise. First impressions are the best impressions, and rains are no exception I guess. Memories dance along on your mind like waves at sea. One after another, the memoirs of what you did during the first rains of every year of your life come back into life. Be it running out to play in the rain when we were kids or walking(read dancing) back home slowly from school to enjoy the rain, moms calling their kids back and hurriedly wiping their heads with a towel saying , 'you will catch a cold', unable to go get drenched again, we watching the rain from the balcony after that, and  making those paper boats and running out as soon as the rain stops to let them sail in the water downstream, spotting the rainbow and reciting the VIBGYOR mnemonic as know-it-alls!! Well, everybody would have enjoyed their monsoons as kids. A little later, when 'teens' were what we were called and how we looked was the matter of prime importance, first rains were always a photo oppurtunity that could never be missed!! From choosing the umbrellas and the poses to feeling great for the shoot and the photos, lolz, was real fun.

College life, when all the luvvy-duvvy stuff started, monsoons always came with a cue for romance.The first rain drops made the most romantic rain-song linger on, and a smile, was just for that one special person. Nobody to blame, music and romance have gone hand in hand since ages now. From 'pyar hua ikraar hua' from Shree 420 to  'bheegi bheegi raaton mein' from Ajnabee to 'rim jhim rim jhim' in 1942 A love story to 'mere khwabon mein jo' from DDLJ to 'Chak dum" from Dil to pagal hain to 'Bhaage re man' from Chameli to 'Barso re' from Guru.. rains have almost always meant pyar, ishq, mohabbat, sapne, mauj and masti :) . Not to forget our very own, very soothing 'Mungaaru maleye..'. The subtle connection between rain and romance and dreams can never fade. I still remember the first rains in my second year of college when I had just talked to my then 'crush', the first rains in third year when the drive through the college campus made it look more beautiful and more serene. Oh boy, how can somebody forget those times.. If history ever repeats, I would surely want those times to repeat..again and again... :)

As a kid, rain and it's weather used to make me feel cosy and sleepy. I used to have my best afternoon naps when it used to rain. It rained pretty much last night and today morning. Maybe hence, I slept in till 11.30 am!! When I was driving after that, the roads of Mysore felt so different. It was such a relief from the scorching heat of the recent days.With a little bit of sunrays piercing the clouds that covered, the roads all wet and the sand smelling the rain, was a morning I hadn't seen since long. For one more time, Mysore looked like how it was when I was a kid. When we had a lot more trees and a lot less traffic. When boulevards existed in every third lane and parking lots had ample space. When general stores were all the malls we had, and the 'shop uncle' would give us chocolates for free coz he knew who we were. When Mylaari and Gayathri Tiffin Rooms were the Regaalis and Metropole, and Kukkarahalli lake was more frequently an adda than Barista . .I've lived in this place all my life. I know that the day to go from here is not very far. But anyday, whenever monsoon sets in, I'm gonna miss the ones I've lived here. I totally enjoyed my drive in the morning. I stopped and took snaps of my fav roads and none of the on-goers looked amazed. Maybe even they would have taken snaps of Mysore looking its own self after such a long time.

At the end, I ended up blissfuly telling myself, 'I love Mysore'.... and a big fat rain drop splashed on my face. :-) :-)

p.s.- Thanks to all my friends for all the wishes yesterday. I'm really glad that you guys exist in my life. Made my birthday worthwhile :)

Article by Dr. Chandana Shekar who blogs at The world around me!

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Maverick on July 15, 2010 at 11:03 AM said...

beautiful post....luvd it! :)

Dr. Chandana Shekar on July 25, 2010 at 3:25 PM said...

thank u maverick :)

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