Serene Beaches of Karwar Day 2

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The Day 2 started late largely due to the extreme fatigue of the previous day and also the main agenda of the day ‘Trip to Gokarna’ was scheduled late afternoon. We had thought of visiting the Karwar beach during day though. We ventured out of the hotel around 10.30 Am in search of a decent place for breakfast and landed up at Hotel Purnima a few meters away from the our Hotel on the Karwar Main road itself. The breakfast was a typical South Indian fare with Idly, Dosai, Appams etc. After breakfast we had to abandon the plan of going to the Karwar beach and got back to Hotel as it was becoming too difficult to stay outside in such a hot and sticky weather.
Once in hotel we turned the A/C to full and watched the Hindi movie "Style" (an entertaining film) on TV. After the movie we had our lunch at Hotel Sai(we simply couldn’t think of going anywhere else!) and waited for the cab in our room. The cab came around 2.30 PM and by 3 we started for Gokarna.

Gokarna is 60 KMs south from Karwar. It is a Hindu pilgrimage centre. A temple town and is referred to in a number of Hindu historical literature pieces. Around the town lie a number of beaches and these serve as a major attraction for travelers. A number of interesting mythological stories are there about this place. The places of pilgrimage include Mahabaleshwar Temple (Maha: great, bal: strength) a famous Shiva Temple and it houses the atmalinga. Named so after Ravana referred to the linga's great strength.

The temple is situated at the western end of the main street. The main deity here is two-armed, standing and at least 1500 years old. The idol of Lord Ganesha also is ancient. In the sanctuary is a stone linga, encased in brass, placed on a coiled stone serpent. The floor of the hall in front has an intricate engraving of a giant tortoise. One thing that surprised me was the sign inside the temple saying "Foreigners not allowed inside the sanctuary". The temple sanctuary is open for public from 8 AM to 12 Noon in the morning and from 5 PM to 8PM in the evening. Besides Mahabaleshwar temple there is Maha Ganapathi Temple built in honor of the boy Ganapathi, who deceived the demon Ravana. This temple is also worth a visit.

Pristine Beaches of Gokarna

The main street from the Shiva temple leads to the beach which is nice and open but quite dirty. We decided to have a dip in the sea and go for the bath. The sea was comparatively calm and easy for a quick swim. After enjoying there for some time we moved towards the OM beach.

Besides the Gokarna beach, the other beaches in Gokarna are Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half moon Beach and Paradise Beach (also known as Full moon). Kudle and Om are around 6 km from Gokarna town along a muddy hill; they are accessible by rickshaw or foot. Half moon and Paradise are beyond Om beach and are accessible only by foot or boat. Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the auspicious [Om] symbol. Om beach is the only naturally Om shaped beach. Two other beaches - Paradise and Half Moon - are smaller and remote beaches.

Om Beach(L) the Arabian Sea crashing against the rocks(R)

The "Hills" and "Rocks" of the OM Beach

The cab took us to the OM beach which is a marvelous beach. It has a few beach side restaurants famous one being "Namaste Cafe" favorite with the international tourists. It was amazing to look at the waves lashing on the rocks and spraying water on the curious onlookers. Awed by the ferocity of the sea one of the tourists remarked philosophically "this water gives life and takes it away too". So true! We sat on the small hillock near the beach and watched the sunset on the rocks. It was a marvelous sight. After sunset we laid ourselves down on the hot rocks and gazed at the moon perpendicularly above us and the turbulent waves of Arabian Sea crashing at the rocks behind. The air was heavy and moist but a bit cooler. Slowly it started getting dark and we started our journey back to Karwar with some unforgettable memories of the evening.

Sunset on the Rocks @ OM Beach

To be continued …..

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Maverick on July 15, 2010 at 10:22 AM said...

beautiful avid descriptions....liked it! :)

Dhiman on July 19, 2010 at 2:25 PM said...

@Maverick Thanks ...Karwar is very beautiful place ...

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