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All of us use Google as a search tool to reach a website - may be News website, Sports website, Jokes website, ecom website, Games websites etc etc. I was really surprised to understand that ‘Google search ‘ has many more features apart from this. I like to share some of the most interesting and useful features with N-Zine readers


You don’t have to watch 'TV News' to get your city weather, Just type "weather" followed by the city name in the Google Search.

For ex: "weather Mumbai" will give you present weather at Mumbai, along with wind direction and speed, Humidity. You will also get predictions for the next few days too.


your brother is in Chicago and you are planning to call him, but confused about the exact time over there? Google search will help you.

For ex: "time Chicago" will show you Chicago current time with Day

Sunrise / Sunset

Tomorrow early morning you have to do some ritual pooja and that too before sunrise, Ask Google about sunrise (sunset) time and you will get it instantly.

For ex: "Sunrise Chennai" will give you exact sunrise time and also with how much time is left from the present time. (Sunset followed by the city name will give you sunset time)


Google search can be used as calculator

For ex: "25+15=" will give you the correct answer 45.... "oooops it says 40!" . Not only Basic Arithmetic’s, but complicated Arithmetic calculation, Advanced Mathematic calculations like "cos(pi/6)" can be carried out. Unit calculations like "2 meters + 5 feet" can be carried out easily.

Unit Conversion

Need to convert 'CM to Meter', 'Inches to Foot'? Google is ready to convert been many different units of measurements of Height, Weight and volume among many others.

For ex: "12 inches in foot" will give you the result

Dictionary Definitions

If You are looking for definition of a particular word to be used in your college project report, Don’t wait, use Google search as Dictionary.

For ex: "Define Internet" will give you the definition, with some related topics also.

Currency Conversion

If your UsA client has sent you USD1000 and you are eager to know the exact amount in INR, Google search will assist you.

For ex: "1000 USD in INR" will show you the amount you will get in Indian Rupees


Planning a trip with your family for the first time to Singapore? Google map will guide you to plan your trip.

For ex: "Map Singapore" will show you Google map of Mumbai

Is there any more interesting uses of Google search apart from the above listed? If so please post them in the comments section so that it will be useful for all of us. 

Article by Shanmuharajan who blogs at TecheDOTS.

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BK Chowla, on August 15, 2010 at 12:07 PM said...

It is an excellent tool and I use it as often as I can..

Anonymous said...

Google is Great! They are developing Lot of useful tools...

Bharatha on August 17, 2010 at 1:40 PM said...

Useful & interesting details about google. Great!

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