India Shining

India has transformed from being the land of elephants and snake-charmers to a land of possibilities and opportunities. Over the past six decades India has marked its footprints on the world map, not just over something in particular but on the general front.

The citizens of the world are always astonished over the diversity in culture that India as a country is proud of. We have several religions, faiths, innumerous deities, dozens of languages but we do tend to unite under one banner – India.

Since Independence, India has seen remarkable growth in various sectors. And ever since Technology has taken over the world, there’s been no looking back for India and Indians.

Indians are a special lot of people with a never-say-die attitude. Throw a challenge at them, and they would at least give it a try. Indians are all over the world today achieving remarkable names for themselves as well as for their country of origin.

To where we are today is to a greater extent the result of where we were and what we did so far. Indians love to enjoy and spend lavishly but then we rarely do spend it on credit. We believe in enjoying life to the fullest at our very own limits. And our habits as well as our mentality enable us to innovate to a greater extent. From a family of four riding a (hamara) Bajaj scooter then to a similar family riding the Tata Nano of today, we haven’t changed though the things around us have to a very large extent. We are still the very same people who squeeze the tube out of the toothpaste and utilize every opportunity that comes our way, as if it’s the last one coming towards us. We never believed in credit, until we were Americanized.

With the boom in outsourcing, India got a heap load of job opportunities from the western countries and mostly from the US of A. Along with the jobs, came in the spending power as well as its culture. With comparatively well paid jobs, the glamour quotient among Indians soured high…buying on credit became a trend and a lot more job opportunities were created. Banks offered loans and credit while on the other hand appointed goons and designated them as “recovery agents”, real estate boomed as the buying/spending power of Indians was on a high. Indians could buy anything now at a simple swipe of a rectangular plastic card. Some analysts appreciated it growth, some criticized it as an indication of dooms day.

There’s no place on this earth where you can make a phone call as cheap as one paisa or even free in some instances. India has made it happen. We change cellular phones and network subscribers like we do with clothes. 
We not only compete at the international level but even at the national and local level to come out triumphant all over. There is no question of any monotonous power taking over a particular business, as competitiveness take precedence. We have even managed to shake the Chinese market by producing original photocopies of our ORIGINAL products! ;)

Positive or negative, India is shinning on the world map. Wishing India a grand 63rd Independence year and looking forward to more path breaking realities! :)

A post by Sree who blogs at 'All in the Mind...'

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BK Chowla, on August 15, 2010 at 12:49 PM said...

I could not agree with you more.
There are bad and corrupt elements every where and we are not an exception.But, we are lucky to belong to a great nation-INDIA

Dr. Chandana Shekar on August 18, 2010 at 2:00 AM said...

true true true

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