Oh Shit! Not again!

We prefer not to use profanities in our N-zine posts, but this is the title of the book written by Mandar Kokate. It is his first novel, and it indeed leaves an impact on you; to an extent that when you read the last page of the book where the author promises to write a second book, you will say, "Oh Shit! Not again!".

Now, the book starts with a warning - "Beware before you read. You may die laughing." They forgot to add two words - "at yourself" - at the end of that warning!

The book title promised a humorous read, and I was going through the phase of grabbing each and every possible fiction novel written by Indian Authors, I picked it up and started reading it. The book started with a few cliched jokes and a twisted but predictable story line. But as it progressed, I was feeling more and more disgusted about it.

The Story revolves around the life of Raj, a middle class, good looking guy who loves everything that's porn. He gets all possible kind of fantasies even when he looks at his cousin sister or a married woman with 'huge assets'. He has four friends, one of them being his girlfriend. They laugh together on jokes (well, if you can call them jokes, that is), cry together, get in trouble on every possible occasion, meet every evening and disperse (yeah, that's the most frequently used term in the whole book).

Good parts of the book - it does end and you feel relieved as it did so.

Bad Parts - first and foremost, the book has many grammatical errors and spelling errors. The major drawback any book book can have is bad English. 'Trial' is spelt as 'trail', there are mistakes in case of using various tenses, 'lose' and 'loose' have been confused with each other and plenty of such errors which you CANNOT ignore.

All I want to say about the book is - "Oh Shit! Never Again!"

A Review by Neha who blogs at Neha's blog

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sushobhan roy on August 15, 2010 at 8:31 AM said...

read a review of this book on another post.. and it was pretty much the same.. I wonder how cum publisher dese days fail to look at the grammatical errors.. It pretty bad indeed... :)

BK Chowla, on August 15, 2010 at 11:46 AM said...

I am not a great reader and very seldom buy books. but grammatical mistakes must not be taken so seriously.

Urvashi on August 15, 2010 at 9:38 PM said...

Well I too have read this book as I am also curently loving Indian auothors' style of writing and must say it is not at all as remarkable piece of work as I had expected it to be. I jus completed it in a single day bcos most of the story was predictable n it was easy to read in btwn the lines... It hardly had any long lasting effect on its readers....!! the story was kind of amatuerish and too fictitious...

Jus agree fully with ur opinion in this case..

Neha said...

@ Sushobhan, this is one of the worst books I have ever read..

@ BK Chowla, when we write a personal blog or journal, it is fine to ignore the grammatical errors..but when you are publishing the book which may be circulated in the whole world, then the language matters a LOT..book writing is a serious business..and if you do not know a language properly, then why attempt writing in it? write the book in your mother tongue..

@ Urvashi, the book is a disaster to say the least!

Samadrita on August 16, 2010 at 3:21 PM said...

Wait this is the book you were talking about is it not?
It aptly has 'shit' in its title then.
And how come these writings are published if they're so full of grammatical errors?
Damn the publishers! :X

Neha said...

oh haan Sammy..this IS that horrible book..shit aptly fits in the title re..you know, the guy has simply translated Marathi into English..so many errors..

Lakshmi Rajan on August 18, 2010 at 12:43 PM said...

LOL love the title :P Your review motivates me, if someone can write and threaten to repeat the shit .. Oh Shit , I should write a book too!

Anonymous said...

it makes me wonder, was he trying to imitate chetan bhagat?????

Anonymous said...

This is the worst book ever; too many spelling mistakes, too many grammatical errors. This guy does not know the proper usage of words or even proper sentence structure.
It appears that the plot is a combination of many cheap erotic stories.
All in all complete waste of money.
I am surprised at the publishers; it appears they have a lot of money and they dont mind wasting it on such a cheap scrap.

Anonymous said...

wow...simply WOW ! i had no idea you could write SUCH BULLSHIT and still be published !
anything's possible in this world...am convinced !
a 15 year old could have written better. also, the author's blog doesnt allow free comments. the "moderator" has to approve them. no wonder theres not a SINGLE negative comment. am quite sure the author made a few 100 profiles and added the comments himself cuz its impossible that anyone genuinely liked this piece of crap which has to be called a "book", when in reality it is just a random flow of secret thgts that the author wishes could happen to him in real life. sad.

aniket772244@gmail.com on October 18, 2011 at 8:46 AM said...

plz tell me the language oe OH SHIT NOT AGAIN...

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