Pumpkin Delite

Welcome to the Karela Jalaal Show where you learn to cook some of the most delicious dishes in the universe. Today we are going to make some really delicious "pumpkin pastry" called Pumpkin Delite. Its a really simple yet a very exquisite dish than leaves all guests (whether they eat it or not) flabbergasted about how you managed to make such a fine dish with your "cooking prowess".

Well leaving the comments to the critics, lets move ahead with the recipe. There are just 2 main ingredients in this dish. Ofcourse you may add your own customised ingredients to get that originality. The ingredients are one nice ripe pumpkin and some extra-virgin honey. I think its called that.. or may be not.. doesnt matter any way.. you get what I'm trying to mean.

The honey that I'm going to use is made by the finest bees in town and then filled in exquisitely hand crafted vials and sealed by hand using some of the bees' very own bees' wax. Let me give you a really nifty trick to open this bottle. Just so that the bees wax does not mix with the honey, you should not pull out the cork or anything like that. Just turn on the gas and hold the bottle tilted at 45 degrees over a simmering flame and Voila, all the wax melts away leaving the bottle as open as.. umm.. as.. your mouth.. nah.. forget it.

Ohh.. but then what do you do with all that was clogging up your gas burner. Here's another really nifty trick... Use a nice long needle to poke out all the stuck wax and unclog the burner. But be careful, needles have a really bad tendency to get stuck in the burner holes themselves. But its worth a try. Try using another needle if one gets stuck.

And what do you do with all those needles stuck in the burner. Hey!! was that a kid that ran past you?? Excellent. Just take his/her remote controlled toy and rip out one of the magnets from inside the motors. Those magnets are really powerful and can literally suck those needles out of the burner.

Wailing kid. Obviously... If you wreck the poor kid's toy he/she is going to wail. Wailing getting to your head... just make this pumpkin pastry and paste it plop in his/her mouth and AHH!! Blissful Silence.

Ohh, i forget... coming back to the pastry. Just take the ripe pumpkin and throw it PACHAKK on your wall/floor.

And then scrape off the paste and add honey to it. Put it in three different bowls to serve and garnish each bowl with a different ingredient.. could be raisins, almonds, nuts, crispies anything even left over bread crumbs. And there you have...


Karela Jalaal signing off... until next time... keep pakaoing!!

An Article by Shrikant who blogs at Hedonist to the Core.

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