A cuppa at Tea Centre

When you happen to visit South Mumbai area, then there are a few “must visit” places – one of them being The Tea Centre. A nice and cozy restaurant located at the ground floor of Resham Bhavan, Churchgate; one minute walking distance from Churchgate station. If you are looking for some quiet moments and peace, then this is the place for you.

(a small part of the poster on the wall)

Tea Centre has been there since the year 1956, but it was not so very popular until a few years back. It was run by the Tea Board - a Government Enterprise, and during that time they sold tea powder to the wholesalers. Few years later, a well known advertising man, Prahlad Kakkar was approached to groom this place and the Tea Centre became a vibrant and peaceful joint for tea-lovers.

(the full size poster)

The concept of the restaurant is very refreshing, with chattai curtains on the window, a small bell on each table, and above all, a wide range of more than 50 kinds of hot and iced teas on the menu is a blessing for all the chai lovers.

I have seen two different looks of Tea Centre - one designed by Prahlad Kakkar (PK) and the second one by someone appointed by the new management that took over a couple of years back. I couldn't get much information about the new management, as the waiter whom we asked, post-renovation, was new over there. The one designed by PK had light green walls, lots of paintings on exhibition, fewer tables and the bell. All these things combined gave the place a chilled-out and casual look. The new one has light brown walls; frames and pictures with witty one-liners having replaced the paintings, an increase in the number of tables and chairs, etc. The Tea Centre is one of the rare places where tea is served in kullad (clay pot).

I used to study there during exams, with a cuppa in hand, peaceful and quiet environment and since very few people knew about it, we were never shooed away. Nowadays the place is usually packed with people coming for lunch, tea, meeting or simple chitchat. You can sit there for hours and they will never ask you to move out even during the peak hours.

The ambience has changed; so have the teas there. Few old ones like Yogic Assam hot tea; or Wine tea (a type of iced tea) are no longer on the menu but the place still has the same warmth, food has the same taste, waiters are still as friendly as they were before, and the bell is still there.

If you happen to visit that place during lunch time, then Chatpati Bhindi (lady's finger) is a must order. Even if you hate bhindi, you will love this dish there. It goes best with chapatis (flat Indian bread). Apart from Indian food; you will quite enjoy Italian food and the snacks too. Grilled fish is another delicacy here.

Apart from the teas served there, the Tea Centre is very famous for its breakfast.

There is a Tea Store too inside the Tea Centre, where you will find all possible types of teas you can think of,  from green tea to dried tea leaves, ayurvedic tea to flavoured tea, everything. They even sell kullads there. All in all, don't miss this place if you are in the South Mumbai Area and love tea.

(The tea store sneak peek)
A Review by Neha who blogs at Neha's blog

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kavita on September 15, 2010 at 7:24 PM said...

Looks like a cool place to hang out with friends or for a good cup of tea in your own company.
I like the look of it .Would love to visit the place .

BK Chowla, on September 16, 2010 at 4:30 PM said...

Neha, you are again reminding of my days at Churchgate.
There is no comparison with Tea centre

Neha said...

@ Kavita, I will take u to tea centre when you visit Mumbai :)

@ BK Chowla, I second you..it is the best :)

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