An Ode to the 'Break Fluid'

There is an element known to man,
So preciously sought, be it sun or rain,
Sleep, they say, was born in its absence,
Oh wonder fluid, Coffee be thy name.
          What is it that you possess in your aroma and taste,
          That you can lure a mortal for so many breaks.
          Some say, that its the taste they love,
          Some say you help them to keep themselves wide awake.

No Office-goer worth his salt or hers,
Can choose to ignore your enchanting lure,
No wonder people stop and pause to enjoy you,
Be it a newbie, or the biggest entrepreneur.

          Some like you black, and most with milk.
          Some prefer you strong, and others a bit light.
          Some choose to indulge in savoring your taste,
          While some just go ahead and gulp you, downright.

Some say you are not too good for health,
And that you may be a bit biter for some people's taste.
Your cousin, the Tea, gives most of them company,
And sometimes other drinks which are milk based.

          But life, with you in a cup, is so much better,
          You can engage complete strangers, in conversation.
          There isn't a tired and hard worked soul in this world,
          who wouldn't welcome your invigorating stimulation.

And when the computers have strained our eyes,
And exhaustion and sleep comes knocking into our head.
The world takes a break, and takes a sip or two,
Of that pungent brown liquid, that shows us a whole new world.
A Poem by Sudhakar who blogs at Idli Vada Sambar

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