Gmail Priority Inbox – Prioritize your emails

Sometimes you get lot of mails in your Inbox. You have to spend some time to check all the mails to find which is ‘important’ and which is ‘not so important’. Recently Gmail has introduced a new feature called “priority inbox” which will help you save your time in identifying your ‘important mail’ and filter them from rest of the ‘not so important mails’. This tool is a Godsend for many people whose inbox is overloaded with lot of official & personal mail and may miss out important mail to be replied immediately.

Google has built a system that understands which message is important to you, and brings them to the top of the screen so that you can see them once you Login and don’t miss any important mail. The rest of the mails are still in the Inbox, so that you can check them later.
Priority Inbox divides your inbox into three sections namely “Important and unread”, “Starred” and “Everything else”. As the message comes in, Gmail automatically flags them based on your emailing habit – people you email frequently, which message you read, which message you reply. That is if you email Jags frequently, and if you always reply mails from Baskee, then these two people mails will be considered as important.

If you notice that some of your important emails are marked as "not important" and vice versa, Select the message and click the buttons “mark as important” or “mark as not important” with plus and minus icons provided and Gmail will correct the mistakes immediately.

I tired “priority inbox” and it’s good, Have any one tried? What do you feel about it?


Article by Shanmuharajan who blogs at TecheDOTS.

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BK Chowla, on October 16, 2010 at 1:53 PM said...

Yes, I did notice but have not been able to put it to use.

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