I Celebrate Myself

c3l3br4t3:Tum aaye toh... Hawaaon mein... Ek nashaa...
Tum aaye toh... Fizaaon mein... Rang sa hai...
Yeh rang saare... Hain bass tumhare...
Aur kya... aur kya... aur kya...

k8key:Stop flirting!!
c3l3br4t3:Its not everyday I get to talk to such pretty ladies ;)
c3l3br4t3:So... been a really long time since we spoke last... Hows u??
k8key:I'm good... how bout u?
c3l3br4t3:Couldn't be better!! So good that I feel like singing...
Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana..
Dheere dheere se dilko churana..
Tumse pyaar hame hai kitna jaan-e-jaana..
Tumse milkar tumko hai batana!!
k8key:Stop it will you.. I am in no mood for all this
c3l3br4t3:Arre.. kya hua? Didn't you like my songs??
k8key:No yaar its not like that.. Just that I am not feeling up to it.
c3l3br4t3:Bol na.. whats wrong?
k8key:Life sucks.. thats what is wrong!!
c3l3br4t3:And then Life says,"The feelings mutual babe" :P
k8key:Ha ha ha.. very funny.. but you wont be so jovial if you were in my place
c3l3br4t3:Sorry.. ab bolo bhi
k8key:Arre kya bataoon.. nothing is going wrong in my life god knows what I was thinking when I took this job
c3l3br4t3:P1 kya??
k8key:Priority 1... Show stopping error.. have to slog until its gets resolved
c3l3br4t3:O ok.. but thats part and parcel of work na.. uska kya karein
k8key:Haan re.. but kya karoon.. cant concentrate on the work na.. Mom had called up.. and we fought... since then I've been really disturbed
c3l3br4t3:Why did ya'll fight??
k8key:kuch nahi re.. the usual... she says I dont have time for family and all and that I should look for something new closer to home
c3l3br4t3:Arre toh thats right na.. even you wanted a shift na.. back home??
k8key:Yeah.. but I'm beginning to like this freedom also don't have to keep updating Mom when I'm late.. can just lie that I'm already home
c3l3br4t3:You can have everything na
k8key:Tru.. and now I'm feeling bad.. cuz I spoke to Mom harshly, I told her to stop blackmailing me emotionally... brb
k8key:Sorry.. got a call
c3l3br4t3:Chal jhoothi... I can hear tears flowing
c3l3br4t3:Stop it yaar.. no use crying like this.. Just call up Mom and say sorry
k8key:I know.. will call her in the morning
c3l3br4t3:hmmm.. Moms are always understanding.. she will forgive you
k8key:But will someone else be as understanding??
c3l3br4t3:who someone else??
k8key:Someone.. because of whom this one is unhappy.. just because  that one is ignoring this one
c3l3br4t3:Who are you talking about? And if someone ignores you, just let go. No use moping bout it. Only you'll be losing sleep over it, while the other person is carefree. So its you who lose both ways. If the other person values your friendship then he/she will come back. Else.. good riddance!!!
k8key:Arre chod na.. I keep getting these madness fits all the time you say.. whats new in your life.. still doing usability testing of games in old job??
c3l3br4t3:hahahaha you remember that??
k8key:Ofcourse.. You loved your job didn't you? Oh I wish I could be like you
c3l3br4t3:Dont even think bout it.. The truth is.. I've been laid off.. thanks to recession, no new projects.. and old ones going away.. So company cant afford me
k8key:Oh.. I'm so sorry.. I didnt know you were laid off
c3l3br4t3:arre chillax babe... bade bade logon k saath choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain
k8key:toh.. what else? Hows everyone at home?
c3l3br4t3:Theek thaak
k8key:what do u mean theek thaak?? You usually said "ekdum massst"
c3l3br4t3:arre kuch nahi yaar.. Just came to know that Dad recently got a rare nerve disorder because of which he can see only with the right halves of both eyes
k8key:Dude I dont understand... You are going thru so much and still you can be so jovial!!
c3l3br4t3:Cuz I live for the moment... I met you right now.. So am happy bout it... I'm celebrating it.. I consider every moment of life as a festival.. I celebrate it.. and most of all...
I celebrate Myself

An article by Shrikant who blogs at Hedonist to the Core

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Sree on October 15, 2010 at 4:33 PM said...

Awesome! :)

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