Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Part 1

The roads of Mumbai had huge hoardings of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF). Name of the sponsors were more evident than the name of the event. Black and White theme of the posters with a colourful Surf Excel logo looked quite interesting.

My numerous visits to Colaba and none at KGAF has left me curious - space management is the question I have been thinking about; which is answered as soon as I reach there. Whole place is transformed completely. Shops and restaurants have moved two steps backward to make space for the colourful stalls; each corner has something to offer - from food to eco-friendly Tees, bags, wall pieces, paintings, artifacts, jewelleries and such.

Among these colourful stalls, we find the Kala Ghoda (Black Horse). This Black Horse has a different story to share altogether.

The Drought

I am tired.

There is a change happening around me, which has speed. There is a drought of pure and honest thoughts. Creativity has dried up, relationships are breaking apart like hollow branches, responsibilities are too heavy to sustain. Minds are lost in the dry jungle with no freshness; only dry creepers entangling everything around. Humans have the power to change it, but the power is in DROUGHT. We are waiting for our wills to act, to break the shackles and free our self. Waiting for the shower of freshness which is only possible if we are greener from minds and hearts.

I am tired.

There is a change happening around me.

Which has speed.

I am fast. NO. I was fast.

- Yuvraj, Dipali, Rishi and Santosh

There are many messages about saving our earth. Many images that move your heart; leaving you wondering about what we have done with our planet and what we still are doing.

Extensive use of plastic will soon take over our trees too; if at all there will be any remaining then.

Domnic Anthony insists on installation of the earth with this unique concept!

Plastic is a demon..

Save the Earth..

And the image that left me really curious. I spotted it when I entered the KGAF. I do not know the meaning behind it. If any of you has visited KGAF and know the meaning behind it, please let me know.

A Review by Neha who blogs at Neha's blog

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BK Chowla, on October 16, 2010 at 5:43 PM said...

I think I have read this one or a similar post earlier.
Save the earth is very well explained.

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