Kerala Trip Part 1 - Houses

Any season is good to visit this wonderful place. People call Kashmir the heaven on earth, but according to me, Kerala can give Kashmir a run for its money when it comes to the heaven on earth title. I visited Kerala in the month of December last year.

When we were to land at Cochin, the view below us was splendid, with the tree-bed spread all over, seldom we spotted a house, or a small colony! Beautiful trees, with rays of sun falling on them; the early morning rays, the combination of golden and green – breathe taking!

And my dear friend breaks the spell – huh, I am already bored of greens!

Sigh! Well, let me move on, or the post will be more on my rants than Kerala.

The Cochin city was no different than Mumbai when it came to heat and traffic. It was 36 degrees when we started our journey with Unnikrishnan as our driver who spoke broken English, little bit of Hindi, a big music and waterfall fan and loved watching movie shootings. With his super car and driving; we headed to Munnar.

With our eyes so used to look at tall buildings of Mumbai; most of them painted with pastel colours, it took our eyes quite some time to get used to the bungalows that we spotted after half an hour of commencing our journey; bungalows with all bright colours like dark pink, violet, bright orange, florescent green, neon blue and such others. All scattered, beautifully designed, you spot the next bungalow after 3-4 minutes of the first one.

I kept wondering about those houses - The colour, the architectural beauty, the space, gardens, the names of the bungalows; and what not! It clicked me after quite some time to capture those beauties; but I still managed to get few clicks. They are not very clear, yet they give you an idea of those bright colours.

I am sure the owner of this Bella Vista has not yet seen MHADA logo which looks like this:

And Mohanlal!
A Review by Neha who blogs at Neha's blog

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BK Chowla, on October 16, 2010 at 1:50 PM said...

I have been there only twice and in different seasons.I agree, it so much like Mumbai, but have never been able to understand the colour sense and colour schemes in the houses.
Yes, a peculiar chicken (cant remember the name)was outstanding though it had coconut in it.

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