Tera Devosnal Atyachaar

It is midnight and I can’t sleep. Well, I agree there can be a hundred reasons for that, but tonight it is not the stock markets or the symphony of gnats, but a ‘Jagrata’ in my neighborhood, and as usual the innocent neighbors like me who detest loud music have to bear the shrill fusion of devotional and pop music of those professional night-mongers, aka the Jaagaran-Mandali, roaring out on giant speakers. I simply wonder whom these loudspeakers are meant for. Neither the interested believers sitting right there nor the uninterested mortals sleeping (no! only trying to sleep) in their homes need them. And surely, God Himself doesn’t need them at all : (

Though loudspeakers are banned but ha-ha, (the real spirit of India– an example) who cares! If I have a reason to celebrate, I make (read ‘force’) others to join too, willingly or unwillingly. Such people hold the entire society to ransom. The Jaagran started at 9:00 PM, and grew louder and louder, reaching its peak around midnight! Even bhoots (ghosts) must be getting irritated by this disturbance in their peak roaming time!

It’s ok if one has a reason for celebrating but such brazen display of callousness towards others only irritates the hell out of them. There are people of other faiths, non-believers, sick, old, infants, animals, students, or many such who need complete silence at least at night, after a hectic day.

Similar thing happens with a typical Indian marriage. The band and the blaring music can drive the nearby people nuts. My friends from abroad always stay excited to attend an Indian wedding but I detest all the noisy drama that goes on in its name.

Anyways, society is a group of people dude; you are not living alone in a city. Celebrate your happiness but please, with a little sophistication. Follow whatever religion you wish to, but without hurting or disturbing others.

A post by AS who blogs at The Humming Words

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BK Chowla, on October 16, 2010 at 1:56 PM said...

That is in good spirit.I remember, our Jagrata was stopped by our neighbour once.He may have been right, but I was hurt.

AS on October 19, 2010 at 6:56 PM said...

hello sir

thanks a lot. yes, sometimes these ceremonies become a menace to others

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