Nagaon Beach

“कहीं  दूर  जब  दिन  ढल  जाये ,सांझ  की  दुल्हन  बदन  चुराए ,चुपके  से  आये…” while you watch songs like this you are taken to a certain level of happiness and environment. Suddenly, your heart pleas to take it to that place right then. A place where…Wait let me put it this way… “जहाँ  ग़म  भी  न  हो ,आंसू  भी  न  हो  बस  प्यार   ही  प्यार  पले …एक  ऐसे  गगन  के  तले…” So in modern day lifestyle this place becomes where we don’t have to attend calls, don’t have to rush to work and follow any routine. Just be yourself and do what you wish to!

We listened to our hearts and went on to enjoy such a place where we could just find ourselves and few others like us. Yes, we went to Nagaon Beach, a mini vacation that we call it, was spread across entire Saturday and half Sunday. Serene, quiet, calm and welcoming-that’s all Nagaon Beach is in a nut shell.

Geographical Details: Alibaug is 30 kms away from Mumbai and Nagaon lies 10 km ahead of it. Nagaon is famous for coconuts and betel nuts. More details can be found here.

Last time we had visited Kashid Beach which is on the same route [36 kms from Alibaug]. The road then was perfect for a long drive and it being the monsoon time the travel was more than amazing and a tonic for eyes. This time the disappointment was the condition of roads. We encountered lot of potholes and bumps while driving which played as a spoiler for the journey since it slows down the speed too. But if you have a good company with you and lovely music to tune into then you’re still okay! :) 

We chose ‘Sagar Tarang’ for our halt. Had found it over the Internet and read some reviews..good reviews about the resort. It’s actually a private property at the beach, developed for tourists like us and converted into cottages…nah…sufficiently spaced rooms for couples and groups as well. And thanks to all those who wrote about it because we too are joining the club of nodding a big yes for Sarang Tarang.

For the money you pay there and service that you get with all smiles and welcoming gestures-it’s amazing. Let me tell you you won’t find any city like amenities there but trust me once there you won’t miss those amenities at all. For example they don’t have air conditioners but the air is already conditioned to soothe your minds and give you pleasure of being far far away from the hustle bustle of the city, you get my point, right? Also, they have a private beach which starts from where your cottage boundary ends. So, just few steps to take and you’re already on the beach. Private meaning yes, the beach is accessible to the people residing at the resort only. YAY :razz: 

The food served there was decent enough to relish. We had all our meals-BLD- under the sky. Yeah, something which will make you feel like having a courtyard at your home :) 

On a scale of 5 I’ll give the resort a 4.5 [oh yes 5 will be too perfect ;) ].

                             Home made garma garam food

                           The Cottage where we unpacked :)

     They provide Dish TV facility if not all city-like amenities

                          Jet Skiing

                                        The setting sun that is

Now that's what literally means doing things under the sun

                             Enjoying my time at 6 am on the beach

                               This is what means a private beach :) 

                                     Hum Dono...togetherness :) 

                                     and then the Sunday Sun made it's way....
                          Finally time to go and pack the bags :cry: 

                     Chal chalein apne ghar.....Oh mere humsafar

Overall it was a great stay with the morning walk on the beach at 5.30 am and looking at the sun in the eyes while it is rising is always a great experience which I seldom get to feel while in the city. Clear skies, clear water, clear beach, clear vision and clear mind.

A must visit for a short and sweet break from the routine and a great experience of unwinding and being with oneself without getting disturbed! An Ideal place for couples, family groups and friends too. Go plan a trip now :) 
A Travelogue by Nu who blogs at Happy Feet

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