Our Love for Writing

More than a year and a half back, I wanted to write and keep writing and wanted it to be preserved and treasured, not by anyone else, I would be enough. I had started to blog. A word and a world I had learned of the first time in my life.

Today, not so much later, the scenario has changed drastically.

People blog for popularity, they blog for money, they blog for fame, recognition, and many other reasons that I am ignorant of. But I do know what they don't blog for. The love for writing. 

Controversies, instigated and propagated via social networking sites, bad-mouthing, bitter fights etc have much over-shadowed the real thing. We have forgotten what was it that had brought us together in the first place. It was not who we are, what we are, where we are or even what we want but just that single thing that we love- to write. At least, that's how I saw this little but expanding world of mine!

But this wide world shrank back on itself for me! Don't pollute it, was the only thing that came to my mind. At first, it was funny, a nice break to monotony, gossip and fodder, maybe I can make it into a story in a blog post! But when you get caught up in the tangles of life, and only get a few stolen moments to do the things you love most, the things that you do only for yourself and nothing else, you just feel hurt and nothing else.

I write for me, and sometimes for the ones I love, for a cause I believe in, for a wrong that needs to be righted or for awareness, but what I'll never will or can write for is money or fame. I'll vote for you to win big wads of money but I'll never mean it. You'll know when I mean it, when I vote without you prompting or I'll leave a word. You can ask me to read but don't ask me to root for you. But there lies the irony, no one cares whether you mean it or not, whether you read it or not. Did you 'vote for me'? Great, then be gone.

But that doesn't matter. I don't care really about the person who you are. I am not interested. But I do care about what you create and share with this world. And there lay my second big disappointment.

I am not just a blogger who writes (or writer who blogs?) but I am a reader too. In only a time span of 20 months, I find a decline in quality of writing, in expressing, in creating! As if all that matters is churning out a blog-post after another, without substance, without thoughts or creativity. Nothing. Zilch. It is as if every thing centers on comments, pageviews, likes and retweets. Gone are the times when you will feel compelled to leave behind a word, forced to return just to sample another of the author's creation. But then bloggers are authors no more.

Bullying, bitching, mindlessly controversial and politely abusive posts are not what writers write.

That's why your followers or even commentators are not your readers. People don't read anymore either. They leave their own links, publicize their own blogs along with a word, usually feeling and meaning less, for you. What is the worth of it?

I count on my fingers the blogs I still visit to this day, even in  my hectic and busy schedule, because reading them makes me feel a part of this special world. But there are so many others who have forgotten the real reason of their advent into this world, the purity and sanctity of this shared and cherished world. And as much as I pity them, I detest them. Let not my world be as corrupt as you, let it be beautiful!

Earn the respect. Earn the recognition. Don't try to buy it, it's futile.
An Article by Guria who blogs at Maverick Misfit.

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