Musings at Ophthalmology

Bugged was I, sitting with the Ophthalmology book..

Seemed like ages and ages, had passed by now..
All i wanted to do, was run away somewhere..
But all I could do, was just surrender to a small nap..

Much aware was I, that I was emmetropic..
But now was a doubt, was I by any chance, ashtenopic??
What kind of lenses, would look cool on me?
Unifocal?..or bifocal??...ahem..maybe varifocal!!

The tale in the book, had a lovely couple indeed..
But the twist in the tale, just came when..
Mrs.Cornea lazed and lazed around, and ended in Oedema..
And Mr.Conjunctiva got so angry, and landed in Congestion..

The Painter in the town, was perhaps called, 'The Lens'..
Get him a bit disturbed, and he would instantly paint himself..
He browsed through the colours, and chose the mother of all..
And all he did later, was change into shades of white..

Wonder who kissed the pretty Iris, and made her blush..
To such and extent, that she turned into, Rubeosis Iridis.
Maybe it got her so happy, that she danced and danced..
And ended up yet again, as Iridodonesis..

Retina was the University, where all the Scholars lived..
But I could just manage to see, some red, blue and green..
A bit of a seperation, a bit of detachment..
Pity all those guys, they would just go blind..

The electricity station, was high up the road..
But the wires weren't of copper, they were called, 'the Nerves'..
They ran both ways, and crossed over too..
A few swelled up in between, and passed away too..

Come times of famine, and everything just went dry..
Wondering what was next?, my eyes turned up being wet..
Now lay the differential diagnosis, that I had to make..
Was it to be called Hyperlacrimation, ..or was it Epiphora!!??

Just then did the alarm of the clock, make me realise..
Just around the corner, was where my exams were..
And a better illustration of this one weird town..
Would probably help me to move, to the next one.. :)

A Poem by Chandana who blogs at The World Around Me

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kingkhan on January 16, 2011 at 10:03 AM said...

yappa biddhode.... super duper poem... loved it

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