My Experiments with Truth

“Truth is God” - that’s how he summarized his beliefs; he swore to speak only truth. Mahatmaji is an epitome of truth and the little princess was completely inspired by him. That was 13 years ago though; no matter how rowdy I was the words that were uttered by me were pure truth – unadulterated. Although the outcomes were not something to cherish about and if it had not been because of my angelic innocent face, some severe results would still been visible through the years … {Another fact being I was afraid of the Kauwa(crow) in “Jhoot bole Kauwa kate” wala saying - what if the Kauwa really kaate my lovely self }

I was in standard 3, Army School Ambal, as naughty as carefree as ever, one fine day there was supposed to be an English test which (as expected) I was not aware of. So while the whole class was busy writing the best essay ever, the little princess quietly opened her notebook and was busy copying. As the fate may be, Eagle-eyed monitor Mona caught me, grrrr and complained and gained some brownie points too… English Miss glared at me through her Harry-Potter- glasses and asked if I was guilty of the crime. Me, the honest, and purest and the divine’st’ soul confessed.

UP went both my hands in air, feet swept of the ground and placed on the bench and for 1 hour little princess stood at the highest position in the class. Thankfully that was my last day in the school {which again I was not aware of} so no parents’ calling.

My new school was Army School Guwahati and there we used to have music lessons also. Our Music Miss would write songs on the blackboard and the students were meant to copy them, diligently. So one sunny day, I was yawning and scribbling, teary eyed, dead-bored, only thing I wasn’t doing was copying songs. Instead my creative instincts were at its best which resulted in drawing strange symbols and patterns (technically – doodles)… Believe me Dan Brown would have been impressed and baffled too.

Now that day God knows what came over my Miss, she started asking each one of us if we completed noting down. Myself, Miss Satyawati Princess replied with a blunt but hesitant No and when she checked my copy, all I can say is she certainly was not impressed with my crisscross-awkward designs. There was twitching of ear and next thing I remember is waving at my friends outside the class - kneeled down :P Ouch!!! Truth is Painful

Playing the peacemaker between two friends is a dangerous job which the little princess has always performed to perfection {never mind the glitches here and there :P} So one rainy day when Sita and Gita {names changed} were involved in one of the ugliest-snarling-sneering girly fights, Little Princess stepped in and with all her Princess’yness’ and charm she pacified them { that basically involved tearing them apart and shouting at an ear-piercing decibels }

Now these two girls were Quarrelsome-personified and when Sita charged me with a bouncer...

“Am I more quarrelsome” which was actually the case I was completely numb but my Sataya-Buddhi got better of my Diplomatic-Buddhi and before I realized “Dont mind but you are” escaped from my mouth… darn!!!

The Oh-I-Am -so-hurt-that-I-would-fry-you-in-sizzling-oil-with-a-handful-of-chili-in-your-eyes-and-Karela-in-your-mouth look she gave me will forever remain printed in my mind :P

Truth and Lies … both have landed me in hot soup and I am still not sure which one is my real Foe.

Article by Rajlaxmi who blogs at Destiny's Child.

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Saurabh Panshikar on January 26, 2011 at 4:14 PM said...

Hehe! Nice post Rajlaxmi...
That is why they say Silence is Golden...

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