An Ode to Marketing

Yawwwwn.. another boring lecture..another boring presentation... yawwwwwwn... struggling to keep my eyes open.

What was it again?? Porter's 5 Force Model... Porter's 5 Force Model to analyse business environment.. Porter's 5 Force Model for solving problems faced by industry..

Porter's 5 forces pulling... me.. into deeeeeeep sleeeeep... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

And then in a trance I write an Ode.. an Ode to Marketing!!!

Need का निर्माण फिर फिर, Buyer का आह्वान फिर फिर
यह उठा recession के economy पे छा गया सहसा अंधेरा,
Zero demand के बादलोंने market को इस भांति घेरा
स्तब्द से हो गए साल्स, फिर loss आया और गहरा,
लग रहा था अब न होगा इस निशा का फिर सवेरा
Inflation के उत्पात भयसे भीत जन जन, भीत कण कण,
किन्तु government से subsidy की मोहिनी मुस्कान फिर फिर
Need का निर्माण फिर फिर, Buyer का आह्वान फिर फिर

On regaining consciousness, I write this DISCLAIMER: This verse is not intended to poke fun at Harivanshrai Bacchan or any of his works of art. Kindly enjoy it in the lighter vein that it is written in.

An poem by Shrikant who blogs at Hedonist to the Core

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Rajlakshmi on January 15, 2011 at 3:33 PM said...

hahahaha :D :D
that hillarious and makes so much sense too :d

Shrikant said...

Hey thanks Rajlakshmi!! It was written at a saturation point in classroom.. it definitely wud make some weird kinda sense :D

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