Dream Girl

Many times when I think of you
I look at the vast open sky
The damsel of my dreams
Playing hide and seek
Behind those swarming white clouds
The way you put your jet black hair around the nape
Lounging and flowing in front
The way you blink those delicate wisps
Creating a mystic aura all around
The way you caress the ground with your feet
Making the supple petals squeak with delight
The way your gentle lips curve in a smile
Making the flowing river transfixed in daze

The propensity never subsides, it only grows
Unrequited wishes are long forgotten
The pleasure is immense, even making me drool
The devotees of affection are in perpetual disguise
Light finds difficult to penetrate the grey shades,
A fleeting glimpse suffices for the untainted,
The door left ajar, waiting for the dawn
The predilection never subsides, it only grows

Queer are the whims of this unfettered mind
Frozen are the memories, yet the seed of hope germinates
Glimpse of a path not walked before, the heart rushes in vain
Lost in those uncharted territories, every move makes me ponder
Hallucinations and fantasies grip me; the feelings are no longer tethered
The damsel, unwavering and indifferent,  her ways incomprehensible.
Yet the love never subsides, it only grows...

An Article bySushobhan who blogs atRead to Enjoy

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