How to keep your kids safe from adult Youtube videos

YouTube is considered as the best website for online videos, as all kind of videos are available in Youtube. But the sad part is, as all of us know Youtube contains all kind of videos including porn videos.

Keeping kids safe on internet is very important. Even though YouTube provides an option such as:

“This video is not suitable for minors under 18 years of age. Please sign up or sign in to confirm your age.”

parents are worried as kids could just sign in with a fake email id and watch the unwanted videos.

You tube has an easy Safety mode that might prevent any adult YouTube videos from showing up on your computer. To turn on YouTube safety mode, scroll down on any YouTube page until you see the “Safety mode” option as shown below:

Select the “ON” option and hit “Save”. This security filter will automatically hide inappropriate and objectionable videos from YouTube search results.

Note: This “Safety mode” filter is temporary and will revert to the “off” state whenever you close the browser window or sign out of your Google account. It would thus be wise to choose “Save and lock safety mode on this browser”. This isn’t permanent though but at least it will make sure that the safety mode is to the “ON” state whenever you are signed into that particular Google account.

Safety mode works fine for videos that have been uploaded quite some time back but they fail for recent videos that are uploaded to the YouTube website. This is because YouTube relies on the community spam reports, hence if other user’s haven’t flagged a specific video -- it might still appear in search results.

An Article by Shanmuharajan who blogs at TecheDots

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