A Thought for this V-Day

With rights comes responsibility, and this is not just a cut paste statement from a school book on civics but rather a fact of life that is prevalent in every aspect. I have often observed that people expect a lot from their relationships but do not spare a single thought on what they have given to make the bond strong and deep. Therefore, I am giving a piece of 55 fiction that describes this thing with a rather sad ending.

As he sat there, drops of tears fell from his eyes. He whispered, “Sorry” and said “Please, please forgive me darling,” again and again. He apologized for all that she had gone through: loneliness, depression, trauma, poverty. He again came forward and requested her to come back. But she didn’t reply, for graves don’t speak.

So, this V-Day, just spare a single moment and ponder what you have contributed to make you relationship deep.
An article by Ankita who blogs at The Humming Words

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