Trip to Dreamland and back

There must be thousands of travelogues documenting visits to Khandala/Lonavala. But even then I could not resist writing one myself. The real beauty of these twin tourist spots is evident during the rains when the entire region is the birthplace of innumerable streams dancing down the hills making the scene fresh out of the most beautiful dreams!!!

Getting there: Khandala/Lonavala are well connected to Mumbai(96 km) and Pune(64 km) via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and if you are really interested in a relaxing journey to take in all the spectacular views nature has to offer, the Old Highway.

History: Khandala and Lonavala were "discovered" by Sir Elphinstone, Governor of Bombay in 1871. The name Lonavla is derived from the Sanskrit lonavli, which refers to the many caves eg. Karla, Bhaja, Bedsa caves that are close to Lonavla.

Places to visit:
Bhusi Dam/Bushy Dam (as you may want to call)
It's a small dam nestled in the forests and valleys near Lonavala and is quite an attraction of hordes of tourists during the monsoon months.

Dukes Nose (Nagphani)
Named after Duke Wellington, this cliff is so called because of its weird shape like an upturned nose.

Tungarli Lake
Its the main source of potable water in Lonavala/Khandala. The lakeside is lush green and is well-maintained, making it an ideal spot for a nice relaxing walk.

Enough said about the place... Its time to enjoy the vistas... so here goes

Before I finish this post, here's something to ponder about..

You call me Mother...

One like no other...

Love you Mother.. isnt that what you say?

Is this Love??
PS: We do love going out to visit all these places of natural beauty, but we fail to realise that if we dont nurture these places, they might not remain as pristine as they are today. Please do not spoil Mother Earth this way!!!

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