Yet another night..

Last night, when the night seemed so long
Playing on the radio, was such a beautiful song.
All by myself, I sat in my balcony
Thinking of you, the better half of me.

Lying on the couch, made of such soft foam
I just wished, you should have been here, at home.
All I could do, was give a soft sigh
And turn my glance, to gaze at the sky.

Oh my god, hadn't we watched this earlier?
With you sitting, to me, so very near.
Wherever we are today, whatever is the fuss
We still have the same sky, to roof both of us.

While that night, you said, he was all mine
And I could have him some day, with us, to dine.
The same moon today, looking so full and elegant
Seemed like a new bed lamp, for me, that you have sent.

The sky stretched out there, so black and vast
With clouds in between, moving not so very fast.
Wish you were here, to give me company
Until the sky fell down, on you and me.

Wondering I was, if I could walk in that park?
With stars all around, leaving their mark.
Heard from behind me, a very soft whisper
Felt it was you, saying 'yes' for an answer.

Instantly did I turn around, telling myself, 'it's him'
Was less than a second, for me to realize, it was a dream.
Oh honey, how I wish it wasn't a dream, but actually true
Then maybe, we could have painted, the black sky blue.

A Poem by Chandana who blogs at The World Around Me

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