Why not me, Ma?

Just because its an X and not a Y,
Can't I have a life ma, can't I fly high?
If The She is worshipped and respected,
Then why am I being, unwanted and aborted?

Wouldn't you fondle my rosy cheeks and black curls?
Wouldn't you adorn me ma, with veils and pearls?
Wouldn't you keep my baby-steps, forever videotaped?
Wouldn't you hide tears, when I get the Black Robe draped?

Why can't I be your baby doll, best friend and walking stick?
Why a perfect groom for me ma, you wouldn't pick?
Why can't I be, in your fondest thought and prayer?
Why are you paying the doctor, to turn a butcher?

Do I deserve this fate, just because I'm female?
Do you think the son you want, will never fail?
Do I make your heart feel, any less warmer?
Do I deserve not to have, a promise of future?

The only helping heart, I've ever known is you
Pleaded enough ma, yet my life remains due.
So much of Why and Why exist, but I'd believe,
You did so to protect me ma, from the world's aggrieve.
A Poem by Chandana who blogs at The World Around Me

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AS on January 26, 2012 at 9:34 PM said...

it is really very touching...nice

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