Why does my eyes look away when you are around
but searches for you beyond the horizon in your absence?

Why do I make you believe that I am strong
but deep inside I need you very much?

Why do I hide my tears from you
but long for your consoling shoulders?

Why do I pretend not to listen to you
but secretly I listen to your voice mails again and again?

Why do I hurl sarcasm to you in person 
but such loving words I utter looking at you in distance?

Why do I force to free myself from your embrace
but quietly I wish I could feel the warmth longer?

Why do I push you away when our lips meet
but kiss your photo passionately so real?

Why do I scorn at your romantic advances
but the flame in me burns badly to make love with you?

Why have I built a colossal wall around me
but in reality I want to bridge the gap between us?

Why? Why? Why?
Why can't I be real to you?
Why do I let my super ego to control my feelings for you?
A Poem by Ranjini who blogs at Life is a BoX of ChoColate...

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mugheez on October 30, 2011 at 2:35 PM said...

you helped my heart understand my wife message.... thank you ! I believe she still loves me.

You helped me cry silently in my room..... thank you ! I believe no one seen my tears

You helped us communicate after a long time... thank you ! I believe we will meet again !

Thank you for this ! Thank you ....

Ranj on October 31, 2011 at 2:11 PM said...

Mugheez, you helped me realise that my writings are not merely words. Thank you too :)

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