Green Phones that are... ummm GREEN!!!

Mock-ya, in order to gain the 1st position from which it had dropped to 10th position in the list of most eco-friendly technological innovators, has announced the plan to launch 40 new green mobile phones this year, in India. Not only are these phones going to be green in colour, these are also going to be bio-degradable. The materials to be used include polylactic acid (PLA) plastics with plant and other biomass-based modifiers. In addition, Mock-ya is also working on providing hand crank/solar chargers for charging these phones in an eco-friendly way.

What's more, these phones can be converted into wonderful fertilizer by simply burrying these phones like any other biomass. Great way to get rid of phones you get bored of.. just feed them to your favourite plant!!

But, customer rights activist, RRT Siakuma has claimed that these phones have a tendency to simply disintegrate over time especially in hot and humid climates like India. The activist stated that this was a ploy of the electronic giant to boost its waning sales fooling clueless customers.However, Blackpeas, a global organization promoting environment conservation has applauded this announcement saying that this could be a new beginning of a green approach to modernization very much like Natural Gas powered wind turbines used by energy giant Buslorn.

Incidently, on the heels of Mock-ya's anouncement of introducing these eco-friendly phones, Buslorn has claimed that it has just discovered a new highly potent source of natural gas to power its wind turbines all around the world. Experts from Buslorn said in a statement released to the press late last night, just hours after Mock-ya's announcement, that they have deviced a new, innovative mechanism for extracting Natural gas from Mock-ya's phones as well as phone users. Its is estimated that with these sources, enough natural gas would be collected to provide enough energy to the world's entire population for the next 1200 years.

Following, these announcements, the share price of both companies remained unchanged.

Disclaimer: This article is presented in good jest and is intended to be taken in that way. It is purely fictional and bears no resemblance with any thing or person in whatever state of matter.

Please note: This article is a result of hours of painstaking research (Read aimless ctrl+C - Ctrl+V from random links from Google) so kindly exercise restraint even if you are "POWERED BY CTRL-C, DRIVEN BY CTRL-V"
An article by Shrikant who blogs at Hedonist to the Core

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