The True Saviour

While taking a stroll outside
Praising the deep, dark but starry night
Cool breeze, bright stars and the lovely moonlight
Like molten silver dripping from misty skies

When a painful cry caught my attention,

A tiny plant it was and to the ground it had fallen
Separated in one stroke, from its brethren

I decided to let it suffer not
But planted it in a new earthen pot

A few days later it regained its sheen
From dull yellow to fresh green
Its joy could be easily seen

“You seem hale now I see,
Feel obliged forever and be grateful to me”
Said I, swelling with pride and vanity.

With a mystic smile said he
“Though thankful I am to you but grateful only to Thee”

“But I saved your life, so why not just me? “
“Coz you were sent by Him only

The true savior of all beings is almighty
The good God lets no being suffer lonely”
Pat came his crisp reply with a meaning deep to imply

God helps all of us in the hour of need
For world is a rosary, every being but a bead
To His divine abode we all must proceed

With faces smiling and hearts without ego and greed.

A poem by Ankita who blogs at The Humming Words

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