A Beautiful Morning

It's been a beautiful morning! I was blessed with two awesome sightings and most of all, I am glad that I took some time to enjoy both. Although it is April Fools day today, these photos are very much real.

@Magazine Road Traffic Light

 I spotted this beautiful rainbow this morning on my way to work at Magazine Road (Opposite KOMTAR).  Luckily, I had my camera with me and managed to snap some photos of it while waiting at the traffic light. It is not so clear as it was taken from inside my car and the tinted windscreen didn't help much! Again, I was blessed this morning when I looked out out my office window from Level 10. The sight of the sunrise was so refreshing! Breathtaking!! The sun, sea and "sampans" (fishing boats).!! Simply awesome!!!

Penang Port at the mainland looming in the horizon

Photos by Ranjini who blogs at Life is a BoX of ChoColate...

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