Misty Morning

Kissed by a wisp of gentle breeze
Spring flowers swoon in an elegant ballet,
Echoes, the rhythm of a silent stream
Flowing against pebbles, copper and white,
A warm sunlit charm wraps winter shivers,
As an amber glow fills misty milieu ,
Unfolds new morn, yawning ‘neath hopeful sky.

Poetry Form - Kwansaba is a non-rhyming form that consists of seven lines of seven words per line and each word can not include more than seven letters unless it's a proper noun. It's based on Kwanzaa, the African American holiday that celebrates seven principles

Poem and photo by Rajlakshmi who blogs at Destiny's Child

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Philip Verghese'Ariel' on July 15, 2011 at 2:12 AM said...

Hi Rajlakshmi,
A Well Knitted Kwansaba.
The picture very well go with it
But is this pic, yours? or you need to give a credit line of the pic source.
Thanks for sharing this,
Best regards

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