My First Raindrops

Flash in the sky creates magical dimples,
Clouds scream in chorus, generate wistful ripples
Streaks of light splitting the tiny rain drops
Ducks wade, horses run, a person hops

Gently sway the majestic twigs and branch,
Heavens open up, the drops laugh and leaves crunch
Some run for shelter, some walk briskly,
Some dawdle under umbrellas, some enjoy spiritedly
Nearby river rises along the banks, the drops gather momentum,
The horizon shakes its legs, the rainbow creates a phantom
Sky looks clean and blue, flight of the pigeons dazzles the bay
Multihued peacocks dance with aplomb, rabbits watch silently from their clay

Shrill cries of parrots streak across, the koel sings a melody, tigers prowl,
Night descends, Fireflies glow in the distant, lions make a growl
Frogs croak, the grasshoppers jump, crickets buzz, the chameleons poses,
Shrubs sprout every-where, slimy mud caresses grass, glistens wet roses
Gushing winds galore, persistent drops abound,
Wishful sojourns soar, melodious notes hum all around
Sweet aroma ripens the air, juvenile faces glow with delight,
Paper boats sailing in small pools, beckon a pleasant sight

Kitchen smells of delicious pakoras and evergreen tea,
A newspaper in hand, a thought in mind, spread out knees
Playful banter dominate the talks, the mind relishes
A look at the monsoon, the spirit gushes, erases the blemishes
Thunderous Clouds Shout,
Tall And Verdant Fields Sway,
Frogs Croak, Shrubs Sprout,
Lightning Dazzles Sizzles The Providence Bay,

Murky Water Turns Into White And Fair,
Might Of The Monsoon Beacons My Sight
Slowly the breeze gains momentum, a storm rigs 
A Poem by Sushobhan who blogs at Read to enjoy

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