Our New Dumping Ground

Basically, this post is a written outcome of my frustration that I could not vent properly while in school and even in college. Taking pangas with teachers can create mayhem in a student’s life. I have been observing this since long and to my surprise, many of my friends too are extremely irritated. I’ll end this filmy suspense and will tell you clearly what this post is all about.

Over years of my student life, I came across a plethora of teachers, some extremely sincere, some strict, some verbally abusive, some akin to mental counselors and some totally unemployable duds who ‘had’ to enter academics to earn a living. This post is about those falling in the last category.

These days, every nook and corner and village and alley has a management institute. These have become more ubiquitous than the paan shops and local grocers. Students hailing from semi urban backgrounds or those unable to pass the entrance tests of high profile institutes take admission in these ‘management shops’ and all they learn is pure theoretical knowledge. Of all the students passing out of professional colleges, best ones are picked up by the companies, a few join family businesses and rest, who are at the bottom, join such grade less institutes only to ruin the future of students.

But if you think such pests can be found in such third grade institutes, you are clearly mistaken. Even the top institutes have them, though less in numbers. I did my MBA from a very reputed B school and I can clearly remember three or four such faculty members who entered academics only because they were not getting jobs anywhere. Out of the three, two were visiting faculties from another top management institute. I was shocked at audacity of one of them; when someone asked a question, he retorted “If you have a query that is your problem” Such was this man’s reply!

Another dud claimed he was a PhD from a top college. His very incorrect basics coupled with his cranky personality and immaturity created a very obnoxious image of this man. His terrific angrezi still makes me roll on the floor with laughter.
A girl whom I know very well did her graduation and MBA from the same institute and after MBA, she joined there only, as a lecturer. She had been an average student and her presentation and public speaking skills were literally zero. She was also rejected by various companies for job. Left with no choice, she entered academics.

This is only one case from the thousands. I am not accusing the entire academic staff of the country neither I am trying to prove that only duds enter this sacred profession these days but my point is that, in general academics has become a dumping ground for the unemployable and for the unemployed as well.

By the way check out this satirical video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDN2ayelets
And this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS7rD7SDM3I

An article by Ankita who blogs at The Humming Words

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