Editors' Note

Volume XV; October 2011

My days among the Dead are passed;
Around me I behold,
Where'er these casual eyes are cast,
The mighty minds of old:
My never-failing friends are they,
With whom I converse day by day...

This poem by Robert Southey, refers to his communion with the ancient minds revealed in the books that surrounded him in his library. He refers to these books as alive, whose company he enjoys and who are his never failing friends. In other words, in his library, "He was never less alone when he was alone".

This is so very true. One does tend to forget things around him/her when engrossed in a good book. Ofcourse if you like to read that is... or else that same book could be the ultimate cure for insomnia - lulling you into deep sleep even at the end of the first paragraph itself.

Do enjoy this month's issue. And next time its another no-holds-barred issue without a specific theme. So if you want to contribute or just share your comments with us, do write in to us at nzinemag@gmail.com.

The Zineouses

Editorial team

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