You meet them once and their image glued to your memory,
Not once but even after tremendous efforts, it stays.
What was it exactly? Love? Infatuation? Just like?

There's just something about them that makes them memorable.
Something too sweet which the mind failed to decipher
Serotonin and adrenalin gushed wildly, unstoppable!

Miles away in a distance, yet the poor mind remembers!
The tiny heart, palpitates faster with each thoughts.
Even out of sight, but never out of mind!

Why do they leave such strong imprints?
The longer it stays, the harder it gets imprinted!
The deeper and clearer it stays!

Some people trespass our lives from no where,
They take so much rights on us, like it or not!
We allow it to happen against all our wills.

It all looked so perfect from exterior
Yet terribly flawed from within! Alas, wanted more!

First sight of the loved one, never fades!
The warmth of first meeting lingers forever!

No matter how hard you try, its embedded in you forever!
Don't look for an eraser, for it's a lie!

Your heart and mind knows better,
Move on, but keep these memories sacredly

In a corner of your heart, and just move on! :)

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A Poem by Ranjini who blogs at Life is a BoX of ChoColate...

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