Would you like to see your work featured here on N-Zine, the No Nonsense Entertainment Magazine? Here is how you can...

Every month we have a theme. While it is not compulsory to adhere to this theme, it would be good if your contribution is in line with the theme of the month. You can mail in your submission to

Here are the categories which you could contribute towards:

India and World: This category pertains to news and views related current affairs.

Writers' Den: This category is for the literary genius in you. If you want to contribute some serious fiction, this is the place for you.

Verse-a-tile: For the poets among us.

Lyte Bytes: The not so serious outlook towards current affairs as well as fiction in the lighter vein fits in here.

Reviews: You check out something, someplace, some book etc. etc. and want the world to know about it, you can review it here.

Photography: For the shutterbugs!!

Technology Today: This is the category for technophiles to talk about their interests.

And for everything else there's Miscellaneous.

And in return for contributing to N-Zine, we will mention the author in the footer of the article along with a link back to his/her blog. Also, regular contributors will be featured on the Contributors' page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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