Editorial Team

 Shrikant - A H3donist to the Core, he is an occasional and temperamental writer with a great sense of humour and a weird passion for sort of comic limericks and parodies as well as an innate ability to write mindless, mind numbing and excruciatingly long blogs which he claims to be super humorous. Nothing too spectacular about this wannabe blogger other than the fact that he is One of the greatest and most astounding personalities to be born and even then SO... SO humble that he does not care if his works are read or not. Often found blabbering "Its always Best Selling Authors and Never Best Writing Authors... Lets change things a bit" when asked about reason for not being a "Comments-HOG" 

Guria - With the head of a scientist and the heart of an artist, she tries her hand (and feet) in everything. A Cynic-turned-Idealist, people and philosophy are her favourite obsessions. A connoisseur of poetry and fiction, she takes her joy one step further by trying her hand at creating imaginary worlds out of the not-so-fictitious. She believes in inherent human goodness, ideal gas laws, India, globalisation, good food, saving Nature, Kolkata Knight Riders, love, hygiene, perfection, magic, soccer, God and the fact that melted dark chocolates are heaven. She is also known as 'the Misfit girl'.

Neha - A dreamer living in the city of dreams - Mumbai, she is a lawyer by profession and a writer by passion, she manages four blogs as a regular writer and N-zine as a core team member. A package of wit and sarcasm, Neha loves challenges and multi-tasking thrills her. A typical and true Mumbaikar by heart, she is a keen observer of life, as is evident from her short stories, reviews, travelogue, limericks and personal posts. Neha loves to experiment with words and various genres, and that makes her stand out as a constantly evolving writer.

Sudhakar is fondly called Sudhi by his friends. Blogger, Motor Head, Couch Potato, Movie Maniac, Music Lover, Cricket Fanatic, Sachin Worshipper, Gadget Freak, Foodie, and a Hopeless Romantic, he plays a host of different roles when he isn't coding and managing projects as an IT guy. A True-Blue Chennai-ite, he also spends considerable time convincing his beautiful wife, that apart from his laptop and his shiny red car, he does indeed love her too.

Sometimes serious, sometimes fun... Part-time Blogger, full-time Bum, he loves serving up his short stories, poems, and quite simply, Life as he knows it at - Idli Vada Sambar

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