2 Editors' Note

Volume V; September 2010

Food, glorious food!
What is there more handsome?
Gulped, swallowed or chewed..
Still worth a king's ransom.
What is it we dream about?
What brings on a sigh?
Piled pies and cream , about
Six feet high!

This volume serves you a really vastly appetising and satiating menu ranging from excellent articles and verses reminiscent of fond memories of food to yummy views and reviews about different kinds of food.

This trip to Food Paradise is incomplete without a mention of our wonderful contributors who have added flavours and spices to make this dish called N-Zine a whole 4 course meal.

Food, glorious food!
What wouldn't we give for
That extra bit more...
That's all that we live for
Why should we be fated to
Do nothing but brood
On food,
Magical food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Fabulous food, 

Coming volume, let's light diyas and burst crackers to welcome the festive season, with Festivals as our theme.

If you would like to be a part of this magazine, have helpful suggestions for us or just for your valued feedback, email us at nzinemag@gmail.com.

The Zineouses

Editorial team
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3 Some things can’t be shared!

I do not remember when I ate my first meal! I am sure nobody does!!

But I realised it is a big ceremony to feed a child its first meal when I went to Guruvayur temple in Kerala. I saw some families had brought their children to the temple for this ceremony. I am sure that in my case it would have been a simple ceremony at home; my mother would have called a few relatives and neighbours [in the fifties, neighbours were part of your extended family] and done it without making it look like a ceremony.
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0 Pangats to Gilly Payasam

One thing one realizes having lived for close to six decades is how the "pace" of living has changed, and how it pervades all aspects of our life, personal and public

Take wedding meals for instance.

Childhood memories take me back to wedding meals that may be defined by a single word : "pangat", and it has no clear translation in the English language. Elaborate sit down meals, on wooden flats arranged in lines on the floor; each wooden flat faced up to a plantain leaf that greened the occasion, and glistened , as an entire army of food servers went by in almost military precision, serving stuff in a predefined order.Every food item had a predefined place. Uncooked meal items like koshimbir(salad) , and mouthwatering green chutneys redolent of raw mango graced the left. Various cooked vegetables with varying amounts of comfort gravies dignified the right. Typical vegetables were cooked regardless of status of the wedding party; "aluchi bhaji" (a sweet and soft , tantalizingly sour concoction of gravy made from colocassia leaves, tamarind and gram flour), "bharli wangi" (baby aubergines stuffed with a heavenly mixture of coconut, jaggery and spices, steeped in a spicy gravy), and the ever popular, universally applauded "batatyachi bhaji" (dry boiled potato bhaji).
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1 A gourmet for you

You're asleep so calmly Ma, and I sit by,
But inside of you, I know is a strife.
It's supper time almost, and I smell nostalgia,
Of all the food you've given me, all my life.
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0 Aroma of the East

They say “Bengalis are born with a sweet tooth”. Well I will say “They are born with an empty tooth ready to gobble up anything and everything”. This statement rather justifies the humongous appetite of this hunger-eccentric fraternity. Though a Bengali by birth, I had been quite oblivious to this eye-catching trait. I have never looked in a more detailed manner at the food habits as in the past few years of my existence on this planet. Food is an integral part of the life of Bengalis. They can hold long rallies choking the entire traffic but they can’t choke their oesophagus or rather their food pipe. Ever heard of a fast by Didi aka Mamta Banerjee? Well may be you have but those occasions are like a drop of water in the Sahara desert.
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3 A cuppa at Tea Centre

When you happen to visit South Mumbai area, then there are a few “must visit” places – one of them being The Tea Centre. A nice and cozy restaurant located at the ground floor of Resham Bhavan, Churchgate; one minute walking distance from Churchgate station. If you are looking for some quiet moments and peace, then this is the place for you.

(a small part of the poster on the wall)

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1 In Pursuit of Idly

The young boy was jostling with people looking up the reservation charts on the board, he was scanning it from top to bottom looking for a particular name. He stopped at one point, his heart started pounding, probably found what he was searching for.

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0 The Richest meal ever !

There are magazines who make it their life's mission to calculate someones riches, and prepare lists of the richest people in the world. These are declared every year, and avidly commented upon, by various print and electronic media , who are, at least in India, fed up with reporting grown men doing the fisticuffs in Parliament, various wardrobe malfunctions, by folks who make a living out of exposing more skin than cloth, fake interviews given between two urgent trips to Europe by people with size zero whatever, and political expressions of austerity by some wordy worthies, while actually enjoying dedicated rooms and loos at a five star , for free.
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3 Chilly Treat

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3 Love maa Prawns...

Yummy it is, but then its a tedious procedure to make a dish out of prawns. But then you know how the moms of this world are!! They go to extremes to give you with the best, to provide you with your likings.

I love prawns and I love it more when my mom makes them! :D
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3 55 Fiction: Criminal

He walked towards her with a knife's blade gleaming in his hand. She grew numb, she wasn't going to let him do it without a fight. She kicked him hard. He dodged it easily. He pushed her down, and the knife pierced the flesh. She screamed "Mom... Suri's eating my share of the chicken again."

A post by Sudhakar who blogs at Idli Vada Sambar
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4 Food and Beverages XI

Now, this article is supposed to be on sports, and not only cricket. But the requirement of this piece was a bunch of sportspersons who have clearly been gorging on their favorite foods and a lot of their favorite beverages. And in which sport would you find a players that are completely unfit, outrageously fat and downright lousy. That’s right, “Only Cricket’.

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0 Pumpkin Delite

Welcome to the Karela Jalaal Show where you learn to cook some of the most delicious dishes in the universe. Today we are going to make some really delicious "pumpkin pastry" called Pumpkin Delite. Its a really simple yet a very exquisite dish than leaves all guests (whether they eat it or not) flabbergasted about how you managed to make such a fine dish with your "cooking prowess".

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4 Life is Beautiful

Teenage Love – The most beautiful and charismatic experience...immaturity is a part of this package deal. Very few teenage love stories are successful. In most of the cases, it ends up in a break up as soon as we go to a next level of our life. Something similar happened to me too.

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6 Herbal Teas and Their Benefits

A visit to a well-known tea parlor in old Delhi opened a whole new world of tea infusions, flavored teas and herbal teas called Tisane. The world of herbal teas extends much beyond our realms of imaginations, and there is a variety of aromatic teas available, which not only have health benefits but also delectable flavors.

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2 A Memorable Lunch

India is a place that can boast of a rich tradition. Every state has its own history and culture. There are many mini Indias within this country. When food, drinks and cuisines are concerned, Indian food remains unbeatable. Go deep inside the villages, you can find not only amazing but also unique tastes and flavors that can challenge even the best cuisines at high-end hotels and restaurants. The richness of rural food cannot be surpassed.
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4 When Chef’s @ Home!

It was a long weekend this week.

Friday saw us partying with our friends. And we hit the bed after 2 am!

As a resultant to that, woke up at 8 am with a start, the next day, as it suddenly dawned that it was the Parent Teacher Meet at the kid’s school.

Got ready in a jiffy and then woke the kid and pestered him to get ready too. In the meanwhile, lined up the work for the maids and a glass of milk for the kid and by 8.45 am, the kid and I were out of the home.

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0 Trek to Sudhagad

The alarm went off.. it seemed I had gone to sleep only minutes ago. The clock said 3 AM. "Rise and Shine" came a groggy but enthusiastic voice. It was Prags waking all of us up. We had been cramped up at Sachin's home all night so that all of us were on time and not "STUCK IN TRAFFIC" or "I'M JUST REACHING (for the past 2 hours)" "Another 5 minutes, Mommy" "Abey k@##! k#$%^&*.. mein teri Mommy nai.. now get up before I kick you"
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1 55 Fiction: The Feast

"Hungry? Almost done son. Be there in 5 mins." Raj hung up.

The Hyderabadi Biryani, Romali Roti and Malai Kofta gravy were ready. A dash of cashew over the Kheer and he was done.

"Tell master that lunch is ready." Raj told the butler before he grabbed a packet of bread and dashed towards the Cook's quarters.

A post by Sudhakar who blogs at Idli Vada Sambar
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12 Bilahi Tenga - Assamese Cuisine

Assamese cuisine is characterized by very little use of spices but strong flavors mainly due to the use of endemic exotic herbs, fruits and vegetable. One of the most popular dishes from Assam, the Tenga, is an indispensable part of a proper meal in Assam. Meal is served in courses here. A traditional meal in Assam begins with a Khar - an alkali dish and ends with a Tenga, a sour dish. These two dishes characterize a traditional meal in Assam.
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0 An Ode to the 'Break Fluid'

There is an element known to man,
So preciously sought, be it sun or rain,
Sleep, they say, was born in its absence,
Oh wonder fluid, Coffee be thy name.
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1 Reforms in Family Law Part 1

This post is on a Legal topic. There is going to be a series of these posts. I will explain about one topic at a time so that it is easy for you to understand. There are total eleven such reforms and I am planning to cover them one at a time in each post. It is going to be useful to many. And for the rest, you know what to do right?

Judicial reforms are the need of the day in the country and reforms in the Family courts are even more urgent. A person can continue living a normal life even if faced with criminal matter or been victim of crime in any fashion be it robbery or assault. However when faced with marital breakdown a person's life is put on hold till the verdict. Hence it is imperative that Marital Problem is given the highest priority and overhauling of system is important.
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3 Food - Slurp Slurp

My favorite food since childhood and still manages to top the list . Can’t do without Maggie. It has managed to tickle your taste buds every time.Even if it has come up with experiments and new products. Maggi remains the most quickest snack forever. It works as a breakfast,evening snack and even a meal Multipurpose !!!
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1 Ahh, the Smell, Mmm, the Taste: Foods of Calcutta (Kolkata)

On a wet, lonely and hungry evening, I find nothing more fascinating than dreaming about the wonderful food of my city, Calcutta (or Kolkata). The city only always thought to be a haven for sweets is, of course a perfect destination for that, but the spices rule too, along with the city's personal rendition of different food and cuisines. 

Take Chinese cuisine, for instance. The biggie restaurants not withstanding, every road-side make-shift food-stalls or the small food joints are more likely to have Fried Rice with Chili Chicken/Paneer in their menus more often than the Pulao, made Bengali style. 
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5 Beware of Phishing

Few years back, all eBay users received an email supposedly from eBay with the following statement “Due to security reasons, we request you to update your Credit card information’s immediately to avoid your account being suspended” followed by a ‘click here’ button.  Many people followed the above instructions, by clicking the button, which took them to a particular page of eBay website site which has provision to enter their credit card details. The innocent people entered their Credit card details without understanding that they are victims of phishing.

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2 We are what we eat

It’s a story that has always fascinated me. A story in the Upanishad’s (ancient spiritual texts) which talks about a young boy asking his Guru (Spiritual Master) ‘What is brahaman?’ to which the Guru responds saying, ‘Anna Brahama’. Undoubting, the little boy goes and meditates upon this answer given by the Guru. The story goes on to say that, 4 more such one line answers later, the boy finally achieves enlightenment. The spirituality of the whole story besides, just that food can be equated with God or Godliness was something that amazed me. So, I decided to explore and experiment.

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1 Food Memories......

A great post on memories of Food by Vivek Patwardhan, as he despairs at today's Food Courts, elicited this comment from me.

(swing courtesy Google, human figures by me)

A creaking swing,
the smell of varan,
and ghee,
a freshly bathed
in soft mulmul,
on his mother's lap,
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0 Memory Keeper’s Daughter

ISBN: 978-0-14-103014-2

Price: 295 INR

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4 Time for Dessert!!

Photograph by Shrikant who blogs at Hedonist to the Core.
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