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Dalgona Coffee, Anyone?

Dalgona coffee videos have been making rounds for quite some time now. Everyone coming up with their own version of this two layered coffee. One "Real Man" laughed at all  these sissies making coffee and came up with a rudimentary layering of whisky on water. Well here's something even better for the "Lazy MAN" (or for that matter Lazy Lady - I don't believe in gender bias). Just carefully pour yourself a shot glass full of Sheridan. Image Courtesy: Google Image Search It should look something like this: Image Courtesy: Google Image Search You may also call it the Inverted Dalgona. Tastes just as good if not better. Just for your info: Sheridan is a just another Irish Coffee "taste-a-like". But it is uniquely packaged as a separate dark coffee-Irish whisky mixture and a white cream based liqueur in a single bottle with two compartments with two separate openings. It is produced by Thomas Sheridan and Sons Distillery w

What's on TV

Just the other day, I was channel surfing and happened to run through the kids' section. I mean seriously, I did run through. Having grown up on some wonderful stuff like Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, DuckTales, TaleSpin and what not, I did not really find anything even remotely appealing in what's on TV these days. Its the same thing on all channels, pathetic animation and even more pathetic stories, some overly gross anime with snog bubbles coming out of every sleeping person's nose and the likes. I am like, GOD!! - who watches this stuff. Well that's all a matter of perspective. Those cartoons wouldn't be on air if everyone was disliking them. But for me it's YUCK. What do you think?

N for???

Was thinking of what should N in N-Zine stand for Should I call it N-tertainment?? or may be Non Fiction orrrr No Nonsense   Or may be just Nonsense   But I think I shall just stick to Nothing in Particular I think I'll just be a generalist and not specialise in anything.