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Dalgona Coffee, Anyone?

Dalgona coffee videos have been making rounds for quite some time now. Everyone coming up with their own version of this two layered coffee. One "Real Man" laughed at all  these sissies making coffee and came up with a rudimentary layering of whisky on water. Well here's something even better for the "Lazy MAN" (or for that matter Lazy Lady - I don't believe in gender bias). Just carefully pour yourself a shot glass full of Sheridan. Image Courtesy: Google Image Search It should look something like this: Image Courtesy: Google Image Search You may also call it the Inverted Dalgona. Tastes just as good if not better. Just for your info: Sheridan is a just another Irish Coffee "taste-a-like". But it is uniquely packaged as a separate dark coffee-Irish whisky mixture and a white cream based liqueur in a single bottle with two compartments with two separate openings. It is produced by Thomas Sheridan and Sons Distillery w
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Facebook + Reliance Jio = ?

Facebook will be investing $5.7 bn (approx INR 43K crore) in Reliance Jio in a bid to scale up it's presence in India. Reliance on the other hand will be able to reduce its net debt. Image Courtesy: Google Image Search So besides this, what could be the impact of this Facebook-Jio team Jio Money-Whatsapp Pay combination: Facebook and Jio can leverage each other's user bases which can give both these under utilised payment platforms a push to be more formidable players in the payment space. May be so much that they could give the Paytms and Google Pays of the world a run for their money. Jio Mart on WhatsApp: Reliance has also announced its online ecommerce platform - JioMart. WhatsApp can be utilised well as a means of receiving orders as well as giving updates. With payment possibilities on WhatsApp itself, the entire lifecyle of buying can be covered in one app. With Reliance in the background sourcing goods in manners similar to what it used for Reliance Digita

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Galaxy S20 5G is the more affordable higher end phone launched by Samsung. It's almost identical to its siblings with a higher price tag - the Galaxy S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra. Image Courtesy: Samsung Official Site Key specs Display Size: 6.2 inch (563 ppi pixel density) Weight: 163 gm OS version: Android 10 Camera: 12 MP Wide-Angle, 64 MP Telephoto, 12 MP Ultra-wide Front Camera: 10 MP Video Capture: 8K Storage: 128 GB RAM: 12 GB SD Card: Up to 1 TB  Battery: 4000 mAh Fingerprint Sensor: In-Screen This phone has an Exynos-990 processor for the Global Market whereas it sports a Snapdragon-865 processor for the US markets and as per some grapevine reports, Chinese and Hong Kong markets also have Snapdragon version available. On paper, the Snapdragon-865 chipset is superior to its Exynos cousin in terms of Graphics and Camera capabilities. But the experts at Android Authority seems to think otherwise. As per their tests, Exynos variant managed to

The New Age Great Compression

Just putting down a few thoughts on the after-effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Well sure the pandemic is far from over and experts are claiming that there might be a resurgence of infections once the summer gets over in the Northern Hemisphere, but I just wanted to take look at what would be the impact of this pandemic on the global economy. Is it going to be a recession. Well, yes in a way there will be a recession. Due to all the various lockdowns across the world, most businesses are forced to shut shop. Other than basic necessities, everything else is either not available or not in demand. So all in all demand is low and supply even lower - economic downturn. But what do you think will happen once the the pandemic starts to lose its grip on the human race. Suddenly people will be free to leave their homes. They will want to go back to their jobs. Business owners will be free to open up. All that pent up demand will start to show, and they will gladly take the people who want

Packing for a trip

Have come across numerous videos and articles on how to pack for a trip to save space. I even applied those tips and was quite happy with the results. I used to spend couple of hours just to roll up those tshirts, undergarments, socks and what nots and used to end up saving almost 30% space because of that. My advice to all of you out there on applying these ideas for packing DON'T!!! Why, you ask... Well, on the return journey, I am always in a hurry with absolutely no time to pack my bags, let alone apply packing tips. So always end up having an over stuffed bag with me, or at times when I do some shopping, I have to carry an additional bag on the return journey. You should be prepared to spend some time on the last days of your trip for packing your stuff as densely as you did back home before you started your trip. If that's not your thing and you like to spend the last day of your trip cramming in as much holiday stuff as possible then don't p

I need a personal EMP Gun

I was sitting in the plane trying to doze off. It had been a long journey. I look at the guy next to me. He is already asleep. Not snoring... good... I can get a shut eye. I try to close my eyes and some light shines on me momentarily. I try to ignore. Happens coupld of times more. Guy next to me is asleep alright, but in his sleep, he is constantly adjusting his hand on the arm rest. And his Samsung Gear 3 obediently shows him the time whenever he twists his wrist. I wish I had an EMP gun!!! Again I was sitting in a plane. Again trying to doze off. But cannot. Two guys behind me, listening to music on the loud speaker. And singing along as well I so wish I had an EMP gun!!! I was in a cab. Its barely crawling along. Too much traffic. Cause of the traffic. A wedding procession (This is in India). With people dancing in front of it. With a truck in front of the processing with a full sound system that would put a rock concert to shame Bloody hell I could do with an

Odd Lots

Came across this packet of biscuit with a strange offering of 19% extra. Well, they could have said 20% extra and no one would have complained. But they had to be precise -19%. Do let me know if you have come across such oddities.